Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We love living in beautiful Colorado with all it has to offer. Our home is in the suburbs of a major city allowing us close access to its enriching culture, arts, museums, music, sports and more. We are also located within an hour's drive from the mountains. We love to transform our weekends into adventures spending a Saturday at a parade downtown, hiking in the mountains, visiting a farmers market, skiing, or relaxing and barbecuing at home.

Our community is one of the most diverse in Colorado filled with all types of families and lots of children. Fourth of July is our favorite time in our neighborhood. The city firework show is right above our house and we are able to watch from our front lawn. Our entire block comes together to BBQ, play outdoor games and celebrate together. We also take advantage of being within walking distance to local activities, bike trails, nature paths, elementary schools and city rec centers with water parks. We cannot wait to share these incredible experiences and much more with a child.

Our home has four bedrooms, lots of bathrooms, two family rooms and plenty of space for a child to grow and play. We love our patio for barbecuing and hosting gatherings. We cannot wait to fill our yard with play-sets, sandboxes, a tire swing and so much more for a child.

Our Extended Families
Visiting Brendon's Family in Iowa

We are fortunate to have family and friends around us in Colorado. Dawn has two siblings (a brother and a sister) and eight nieces and nephews who we love to hang out with when we can. Brendon has two older brothers, one niece and one nephew; most of his family lives in Iowa and we try to visit at least once a year.

We also consider our many friends and their children family. We spend our holidays and weekends together blended with everyone. We love to celebrate any reason to get together and enjoy checking out local festivals, exploring new parks, swimming or simple dinners. We truly love being able to spend time with everyone's children and Dawn is extremely proud she is the number one requested babysitter.

Dawn with Her Mom, Sister and Nieces

Dawn grew up in a very large extended family and was always spending lots of time with Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends and more. Everyone was invited to everything! Today, Dawn keeps this open door policy and welcomes all into our home. Dawn also has a very musical family and this is a big part of our lives. Dawn loves to sing, play music and have dance parties. On game nights Brendon's imagination soars, he loves to be silly and play all sorts of make-believe games. He will tell stories, talk like a pirate and run around the house and play with the kids. We both have loving close families and friends who are extremely excited to welcome a new child into our world.

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