Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a quiet gated community within a vibrant growing city. Our neighborhood has many green spaces for kids to play. We have a mixture of young families and retired people as neighbors. There are several local parks, playgrounds, and a swimming pool within walking distance of our home. The park closest to our home has movies-in-the-park during the summer with many activities for children – bounce houses, face painting, food trucks, and more! Holidays are very special where we live. The adjacent neighborhood hosts the largest trick-or-treating in the area, closing the streets so kids can go from house to house safely. They also host a large 4th of July celebration including a band, parade, and picnic! Living in the city, there is always something to do whether it's a concert, play, sporting event, or museums. We can't wait to attend these events with our future child!

We love our home and its location. We have plenty of room for our growing family. Our child will have their own bedroom and tons of space to play. The busiest room in our home is our family room where we spend most of our time together. We also make it a point to sit down as a family for meals. Sharing the day's events over a good meal allows us time to connect as a family. We have created a warm and loving home and always want it to be a safe sanctuary filled with love.

Our Extended Families
Chad's Sister's Wedding

Family is something that is very important to us! Our families are excited to welcome the first grandchild and shower this child with love. When we relocated to our new home, our extended families came to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in a new city. We hosted nine relatives for the week and had an incredible holiday. We all made lasting memories that made our new house feel like a home! It was such a good time, that we are now on the regular rotation for hosting holidays! With family living nearby, we are able to get together often for visits. We also are centrally located for our extended family and frequently host them when traveling through the area. In addition, we live very close to several lifelong friends who are "extended" family. We share holidays and special events and they will be a part of our child's life too.

Bocce Ball Fun With Cousins

When we are together with our families there is a lot of laughter and love. Our cheeks hurt the next day from all the smiling and laughing! We enjoy playing games, doing puzzles, watching movies and sports together. We are all very supportive of each other and make sure to be there for special occasions. Our families are extremely excited about our adoption and are looking forward to a bundle of joy they can spoil with lots of love!

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