Our Extended Families
Jenna's Family

We both feel very fortunate to have such close and loving families! With both Jenna's and Ryan's families living nearby, we get together frequently. We like to plan family dinners and take turns hosting. Holidays are a special time with our parents, Ryan and Jenna's sisters' families and so many extended family members and friends in the area. Ryan's mom and sister love baking Christmas cookies and we are very excited that our daughter, Abby, and your child can be a part of that tradition. Jenna's parents love sleepovers with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop and taking her to the farm down the street to see the horses and cows.

Ryan's Family

We are also lucky to be able to consider our friends and neighbors as family. We have stayed close with a number of friends from high school and college and as our families have grown, our children see each other often and will have lifelong friends like we do. One of our favorite traditions is our neighborhood Christmas party. We each pick a theme with food and a game and travel from house to house.

Everyone is so excited and supportive of our decision to grow our family through adoption. They cannot wait to welcome a new child and look forward to creating many new memories. Our daughter and puppy, Bailey, are especially excited to meet their new brother or sister!

Our House and Neighborhood
We Love Our Home!

We bought our first home seven years ago and couldn't be happier with our choice! There's always excitement on the first floor of our house! Abby loves chasing Bailey, throwing her a ball and taking part in cooking meals. On our second floor, Abby gets excited about helping with wash and our nightly bedtime routine of snuggling in mom and dad's bed before bedtime. Ryan recently finished the basement and it's become our favorite room in the house. It's the perfect place to watch movies, play with toys and watch Abby jump on her small trampoline. We love to entertain and the basement and open first floor plan are ideal for having our friends and family over.

Our neighborhood is a newer development that is filled with young, growing families just like us! There are walking trails throughout the neighborhood with playgrounds and open spaces for kids to play. We share a common patio with our neighbors and enjoy warm, summer days and cool, fall nights out there grilling with all of the families. With just an hour drive to Philadelphia and ten minutes from a smaller downtown area, we are able to take advantage of theme parks, zoos, swimming pools, museums, shopping and great restaurants, but still enjoy a more rural community with wonderful neighbors. Our home is just ten minutes away from a local lake and farm, where we visit frequently to go on family walks and pick fruit. We love our community!

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