Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We love our home state of Tennessee! We live about a mile from downtown. We can walk to a major stadium and a minor league baseball field. We are very close to major parks and a greenway that runs throughout our city. We have a large fireworks display and we walk downtown to see it every 4th of July.

Playground Near Our Home

Our community is very culturally diverse. There are lots of children. We have a park two blocks from our house with a playground and community center. Every year our neighborhood has a large Eggstravaganza for the kids to hunt eggs and meet the Easter bunny. The park also has little league and peewee sports for both boys and girls. Halloween is also a big event and kids come from around our city to trick or treat in our neighborhood.

Our house is a 3 bedroom brick ranch with a fenced yard. We did a full remodel before moving into it. We have lived here for over 5 years. From the front porch we can look down the street and see Trina's brother's house. Trina's brother and mother both live in the neighborhood within walking distance. We are very close to major state parks and splash pads, which our son loves. We are also members of the YMCA which has indoor/outdoor pools, gyms, and playgrounds. Our city offers many avenues for children to be exposed to exercise, art, music and diversity.

Our Extended Families
With Papaw & Nana

We are both very close to our families. Noelle's family lives about 8 hours away but we Skype with them and talk daily. Our 3-year-old nephew loves to talk to his Aunties and cousin on "the puter." Noelle has one brother and a sister-in-law. Her parents are very active and adore children. They both work for the local school district. We try to visit several times a year and we also have weekend getaways where we meet halfway. Her parents love Christmas and go overboard every year with presents and food.

Trina's Family

Trina comes from a large family, she has 4 brothers. Her Dad is a minister / farmer and Mom is retired from the medical field. When we get together it is non-stop games, from ping pong to cards to making up a competition in the backyard. We vacation once a year with Trina's family, its usually on a cruise or road trip across America! Trina and her brothers have family land about an hour away from our home, way out in the country. It has a cabin, stocked pond, caves, four-wheeler trails and a big garden. We love spending time there.

When our son came into our lives, both sides of the family were ecstatic. They are so excited to welcome another child to the family!

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