Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live right in the heart of our growing city! We bought our current house a year ago and have been renovating it to get it ready for our future family. We have been working to set up a beautiful nursery for the baby. When buying the house, we kept in mind the best school districts in the area and access to supportive programs. We have a nice backyard that our dog already loves to play fetch in and we are a block from a nice neighborhood park.

The neighborhood is full of kids and we have several families on our street with young children. We have social gatherings at each other's houses and have become close with our neighbors.

We enjoy walking to local restaurants, including some great brunch and pizza places just a block or two away. We attend neighborhood meetings to get the latest news on development and future plans from the city which is a great way to get involved and be a part of our diverse community.

Our Extended Families
With Eric's Parents

Last year we were able to host both sides of parents and some extended family members on Thanksgiving and Christmas. While having so many people in your home can be chaotic, it was wonderful to be surrounded by love. Our families get along very well and they share very similar values and always put family first.

With Doug's Parents

Eric's family loves to play games and fill the room with laughter. Doug's family loves taking trips with his niece and seeing her eyes light up with new experiences. Both families live within 1-2 hours of us and one of Eric's cousin's lives down the road from us!

Growing up Doug would travel to Washington, DC and Florida where most of his extended family live. His sister works with birth parents and has been a huge support to us throughout this adoption process.

Eric's extended family is mostly in North Carolina and is extremely tight knit. A highlight of the year is the extended family Christmas party usually held a couple of weeks before Christmas. It is like having a mini-family reunion once a year where all the aunts, uncles, and cousins get to see each other.

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