Our Extended Families
Greg's Family

We both come from very large families. Greg’s Dad is one of 7 brothers and sisters, and his mom is one of 11 brothers in sisters. Greg has two sisters and we have 4 nieces that range from 11-3 years old and a nephew on the way! McKenzie’s Dad is one of 6 siblings and her mother is one of 7 siblings. McKenzie has one sister, one-step brother and one-stepsister. So far, we only have one nephew on McKenzie’s side, so the whole family is excited to have another little one around.

We both have a ton of cousins! A unique fact about McKenzie is that she is the oldest cousin on each side of the family, so she did a lot of babysitting and now her cousins are patiently waiting to pay back the favor and babysit her little one. McKenzie’s whole family still lives in Wisconsin so we will have a ton of help and support with a child.

McKenzie's Family

We love spending the holidays together and random visits with our family. We enjoy cooking together, playing board games, golfing and rooting for our favorite football teams, Packers vs. da Bears! There’s never a time we leave a family event and our stomachs don’t hurt from laughter and our limbs are not sore from dancing. We can’t wait to bring a child into such amazing families. The love that they’ll receive will be unconditional and of course they’ll be spoiled rotten!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a very family-friendly neighborhood and many of our neighbors either have young children or are elderly and have lived in the neighborhood since their children were very young. The mix of young and old creates a really nice community feeling.

Our house is just two blocks away from elementary and middle schools, and is a couple miles away from the high school that Greg attended. We are also right down the street from the local university. All schools reflect the global nature and diversity of the university. Many of the students are the children of university faculty and their families come from all over the world.

Neighborhood Park

Our house is located 3 blocks away from the church we got married at, a block away from multiple parks and a mile away from a beautiful outdoor shopping center, restaurants and a movie theater. Most weekends you’ll catch us dining at one of our locally owned restaurants, walking around the capital square gathering fresh fruits and vegetables from our amazing farmers market, riding our bikes around the lake loop or cheering on our college football team!

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