Our Extended Families
With Chelsie's Family

With both of our extended families, board and card games are a big tradition that happens at every family get together. Games are something that everyone in our family enjoys and it is a great way to bring us all together to have some good laughs. Tim loves games like Skip-bo and Spoons, and Chelsie loves Spoons and board games. Our families always take turns letting someone new pick the next game to play. One time, we went to Tim's sister's house for game night and played Spoons, Tim tried to take Chelsie's spoon and his sister's dog ran up on her lap to lick and jump on Tim to protect her. We have also bought our nephew children's board games and he was so excited to get to take a turn to pick the next game to join in on.

Christmas with Tim's Family

Even though we unfortunately do not have family nearby right now, we make several trips a year to visit and have had family come visit us as well. With Tim in the military we have been fortunate to live in beautiful places and look forward to where we will move in the future. When Tim retires we do plan to move back to Texas to be close to family.

Our families have been so excited since we announced our plans to adopt. Everyone has been really supportive and made it known they will love any children that join our family.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We currently live in beautiful Colorado. Our neighborhood is really nice and has a great community. So far every neighbor we have talked to about adoption has been supportive and offered us baby items or said to get in contact if we need anything or to set up play dates in the future. There are many children in the neighborhood and there are often many playing outside. There is even a playground within walking distance of our house.

Beautiful Views in Colorado

Every summer, our community has vendor fairs every weekend where locals can sell products or food. In the winter there are occasionally snow storms, so you will often see families suited up in warm coats to build snowmen or have snowball fights. For Halloween there is a tradition of a boo event where treats are left on neighbors porches throughout October.

Our house is 3 stories including a finished basement. There are 4 bedrooms, one we have made an office. Tim's favorite room is the game room in the basement. Chelsie's current favorite room is the nursery we are working on upstairs, as we have started buying necessary baby items. We love our home and our community and are excited to share it with a child.

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