Our Extended Families
Jim's Parents & Nephew

We both have very close relationships with our family. Sam comes from a tight knit family dynamic with a large extended family, while Jim's family is smaller but live in very close proximity to each other. While we live approximately a 2-3 hour drive from both of our parents, Jim's parents are retired and Sam's parents work from home, so they are always visiting.

Sam & Her Family Going Out for a Night

With both of our families, food and games are a large focus! We will often play cards, spend time outside with the dogs, or listen to Jim play music on the piano or guitar. Jim's family all have a great sense of humor and Jim is definitely his dad's son. Both have a great sarcastic sense of humor, and when they are together, the laughter never stops.

Sam's family was raised on a corn/vegetable farm where they ran a produce market. Sam lived with her mom, sister, and grandparents for a few years and that has caused her family to be incredibly close and bonded. Both of our families have been so supportive about our plans to adopt. We cannot wait to introduce a baby into our family and there is no doubt that we will have a ton of help when we need it!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our House

We live in the suburbs of Virginia in a 5-bedroom home. We bought our home with the intention to grow a family here, and are looking forward to having enough space to not only grow our family but also always have friends and family visit to meet our new child. Our favorite room in the home is our living room where we spend most of our time. Our living room opens up to the backyard which is fenced with a patio and outdoor seating in the back. The living room also connects to the room where Jim plays the piano so Sam is often knitting in the living room while Jim practices.

We love our neighborhood because our neighbors are so friendly and there are so many young families with whom we are looking forward to sharing our experience as new parents. It's incredibly safe; there are always children playing outside and the neighbors all look out for one another. We are quite close with our neighbors and there is always something to do in our neighborhood like cook-outs, watching sports, or birthday parties. Our neighborhood community also includes several pools, a club house, walking trails, and neighborhood parks with jungle gyms, basketball hoops, and tennis courts. We live in an area with a fantastic school district as well.

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