Our Extended Families
Nothing is Better Than Family Pictures on a Drizzly Seattle Day!

Jobin is a first-generation American. His parents were born and raised in India, and immigrated to this country with $20 in their pocket. They came with nothing, and ultimately fulfilled the American dream, building a family of strong values, opportunities for education, and a focus on faith.

Jobin’s mother passed away in 2012 after putting up a strong fight against a very aggressive breast cancer. His father, an Orthodox Christian priest, is a stubborn, silly, loving Grandfather. He lives in California with Jobin’s brother, brother's wife, and their three kids.

We Get Together with Jobin's Family in California Many Times Each Year

Jobin’s sister and her husband recently married and moved five miles down the road from us. They are sweet, playful, adventurous, and always excited to spend time with our boys. They never miss Saturday Fun Day at our house.

Jobin comes from a large extended family, and we have the opportunity to get together with all of his cousins, nieces, and nephews frequently throughout the year.

Jenni’s much smaller family lives in the Pacific Northwest. We travel there once or twice a year to enjoy time at her parents’ mountainside cabin. We have an annual tradition with Jenni's parents, brother, and sister-in-law of playing The Farming Game, which is a board game that takes hours to complete. The winner each year gets to keep and display the coveted Golden Tractor Trophy until the next winner is crowned.

Jenni's family home is always full of music, laughter, and the sweet scent of baked goods.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home!

Our house is awesome during the Fourth of July! We live across the street from a big park that hosts an annual fireworks show, and can catch all the action from the comfort of our own backyard.

During the rest of the year, we love to head to that same park to feed the ducks in the big lake, walk the wooded trails, or play on the playground.

Our neighborhood is very diverse. It’s a safe, friendly community where neighbors help one another out. We have a friendly competition with one family on our street. Each year, we try to top the other’s Christmas gift. Last year, their entire family sang a Christmas carol – complete with dance moves and instruments – on our front porch. We’re already scheming to top them this year.

Our town has a system of paved trails that spans miles, through local parks and neighborhoods. One part of the trail runs right behind our house, and is a fun place to go for a jog or ride bikes.

Our town is consistently ranked one of the safest communities in America, and one of the region’s best places to live and raise a family.

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