Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We looked at many neighborhoods before deciding on the one we live in. We wanted a child friendly neighborhood. We live in a community that has sidewalks throughout the city. We are within walking distance to local parks that includes, baseball fields, a water park, ponds with ducks, and a playground. The local YMCA is less than a mile from us and includes a large indoor pool. The high school has a 96% graduation rate and offers advance placement courses. Our subdivision has multiple families with children from babies to college age. We see kids riding bikes and playing during the weekends. Everyone is friendly and stops to talk about local events. We are also fortunate that our neighborhood has many races and cultures so a child will be surrounded by diversity.

Neighborhood Park

On the Fourth of July, the town has a fantastic firework display that we can view from our backyard. On Halloween all the neighbors are involved with trick-or-treating. The entire community gets involved to make sure that all the kids have a fun, safe night.

Our Extended Families
Terrible Christmas Sweaters With Our Nieces

We both come from a loving and supportive family. We do not live close to our immediate family so we only get to see them on holidays and special occasions, but we make an effort to keep in touch with them through technology. Sara's parents do not have any grandchildren and are looking forward to showering their love on your child. Tom's parents are looking forward to the addition of another grandchild to spoil.

At the State Fair With Family

Tom has a younger brother and an older sister. His older sister is married with two children and will be adding an adopted son in early 2018. When we lived closer to his sister’s family, we spent time with the kids by taking them to the zoo, the natural science museum, and camping in our backyard. The kids have a nickname for Tom, Uncle Knucklehead. A special tradition for us is to spend Christmas Eve at Tom's sister's house. We have cookie decorating contests and play board and card games.

Sara has a younger and an older brother. Tom and the brothers went to Glacier National Park for a week long camping/hiking trip. We are all soccer fans and can be competitive when our teams play each other. We also enjoy outside activities like target shooting when we are together at my parents' house. Holidays are filled with cooking, movie watching, and just a lot of laughter. We cannot wait to add the joy of having a child around the house for the holidays.

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