Our House and Neighborhood
Exterior of Our Condo

We live in a large condo in a historic neighborhood with beautiful tree lined streets, right across from a large park. The park hosts a lot of family activities each year including craft fairs, art gatherings, BBQs, kids’ movie nights, and even an annual Teddy Bear Parade where children parade through the park with their stuffed animals. There are multiple playgrounds in the park and a great little theater.

Our home is close to downtown so we think of it as the best of both worlds. Our neighborhood is quiet with lots of green space, a playground, and a community pool but also within walking distance to downtown with a new library, a historic movie theater that hosts "kid flicks" throughout the year, and lots of great restaurants and shops.

Our community is often recognized as a great place to raise a family with several museums, libraries, theaters, parks, biking paths, and city sponsored family actives year round. Our community also has a fantastic education system.

We are big music fans and there are several concerts venues that host a variety of acts year round from small independent bands to national acts. We recently took our godson to an outdoor concert and he had a blast! We are so excited to raise a child in the home and community we love.

Our Extended Families
Touring the New Vikings Stadium With Laura's Family

Family is a really big part of lives and we are fortunate that our immediate families live nearby. Scott’s parents live in the same city as we do and Laura’s parents live on the family farm a few miles away. Laura’s brother and his wife live near the family farm with their two sons and two daughters (which is fortunate because we love seeing our nieces and nephews!). We each have a sister who lives about three hours away in a larger metropolitan area. We visit them frequently throughout the year to attend sporting events and concerts. Laura’s sister just welcomed a new baby boy three months ago and we’ve loved watching him grow!

Annual MN Twins Game with Scott's Family

Because we are both very close with our families we make it point to see them as often as we can. We love spending time with family during holidays, family events, and just casual get-togethers. Both families have holiday traditions with big gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas and egg hunts at Easter. Laura’s family picks a new theme each year for Christmas dinner. A couple years ago we all dressed as Whos in Whoville with Laura’s dad as Santa and Scott as the Grinch! The kids loved this and took turns putting on the Grinch costume too. Our whole family is so excited about our decision to adopt. We cannot wait to introduce a child to our family and create new traditions of our own!

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