Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We absolutely love our home, neighborhood and city! We have lived in our home for four years and over that time have made it our own. Our favorite part of our home is how open it is so we can spend time together doing a lot of different activities. Another great feature is the spare bedrooms we are excited to convert into the baby's new room. Our basement is so cozy, perfect for game and movie nights. We live in a very safe and diverse residential neighborhood on a cul-de-sac with a lot of families with young kids and babies. There is little traffic and we are within walking distance to a city playground park. Children in our neighborhood are always outside playing.

We live in a larger Midwest city which is also a college town. This is great as it allows us to attend many college sporting events and many cultural events that take place through the university. Another of our favorite aspects of our city are the extensive trails that we bike, run and walk on. Our city is very family friendly and has so many events and things to do as a family. We have loved going to the local splash pads, museums, zoos and trampoline parks with friends and their children. We are also only a 10 minute drive to get out of city limits where we can enjoy time in nature at pumpkin and berry patches, apple orchards, lakes, forests, parks and more.

Our Extended Families
Stephanie's Family

Both of our families are extremely supportive and excited for another child to join the family through adoption. Adoption has been on our radar for years and our families have been so helpful getting us to this point.

Huskers Game With Joe's Mom & Aunt

Stephanie's family is very large with a lot of young children which makes family get-togethers and holidays so much fun. We always play card games like Skip Bo and Phase 10. We even have Skip Bo tournaments. Most of her family is scattered over Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Kentucky. We like to make mini vacations out of family trips by getting active, visiting the sites and doing other fun activities.

Joe's family is a little smaller and live close by for fun weekends at the grandparents! We love family trips to Joe's parents' cabin that is in a small town right beside a lake. We relax, golf, kayak, bike and eat great food there. Cal is the only grandchild, nephew/niece and great-grandchild and everyone would be overjoyed for another child to join our family.

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