Our Extended Families
Michael's Family

Our Families are such a big part of our lives. We live close to all of our immediate family, and are lucky enough to also live close to many of our aunts, uncles and cousins. We get together for every Holiday and spend time celebrating and enjoying big family meals together. After dinner, we often play board games or cards while we laugh and reminisce. Whenever we get together with our families there is always lots of good food, conversation and most of all love and laughter.

We both grew up in families where we were constantly surrounded with love and support. Both of our parents have been married for over 30 years. Our parents have huge hearts for being grandparents and there is nothing they want more than to help us welcome a child into all of our lives with open arms.

Michela's Family

Michael and his sister are only two years apart. They share the same birthday and are extremely close. His sister and her husband have a little girl whom we adore and fortunately they live close. Michael has 15 first cousins that we see often. We enjoy going to Michael's grandparents farm to ride ATV's, play with pets, fly kites, and make homemade ice cream.

Michela grew up in a small town and has two brothers. We live about 15 minutes away from both of them. Her older brother has two children that we love spending time with. Some of the things we do together are grill out in the backyard and go swimming. We love to take our niece and nephew to the park and play on the playground equipment. They love going down the slides and being pushed in the swings.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a family-friendly community in the Midwest that provides access to excellent schools and caring community organizations. Our neighborhood has lots of young families with children who are always out and about playing in the yard or enjoying the clubhouse pool area. There are three parks nearby with playground equipment, sports fields, and nature trails for children to explore.

We love our home and community. We believe it is a great place to start a family. We have a nice front yard and a big fenced in back yard that is perfect for playing outside. We have a large patio outside where we like to barbeque and eat dinner in the summer months. We are fortunate to have a location that is only about 15 minutes from the center of town, yet rural enough to feel quiet and peaceful.

Planting Our Garden

We have a newer home with 3 bedrooms and a large finished basement/play area with plenty of space to grow. We enjoy hosting our families and friends on the weekends for brunch or to watch ballgames. When we are inside we spend most of our time in the family room watching movies, playing games and making delicious home cooked food. We can’t wait to bring a child into our home so we can create and share memories together.

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