Our Extended Families
Meeting Chewbacca with Melissa's Family

We both have large families spread throughout the country. Mellissa has 3 siblings and Jayson has 2 sisters. Florida is a new home for us so we don't have a lot of family nearby, but we easily stay connected with everyone via FaceTime and in person visits.

Recently Jayson's Mom, Aunt, 2 cousins, Grandma (Nannie), and Niece came to visit us. This was Nannie's first visit to Walt Disney World's EPCOT. We had a wonderful time exploring all 11 countries, and bought her a passport so that Cast Members in each country could sign it in their native languages. Nannie grew up in France so she felt at home being able to speak French and enjoy a macron in the Patisserie at the French pavilion.

Jayson with His Mom and Sisters

Growing up Mellissa's family always traveled. Their travels are always ridiculous, yet fun filled. One of the first trips Jayson joined was a Thanksgiving trip to Colorado. We drove 21 straight hours, in a van full to burst with ski equipment, 7 people, and a 21 pound turkey brining in the trunk. We went ATVing in the mountains, ate Thanksgiving dinner at midnight and pie for breakfast the following day, and hiked an hour up a mountain to eat under the stars in a Yurt. Our families are so excited to add another child to our adventures!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home was built in 1951 by the previous owners. We cherish the fact that we had the opportunity to hear the history and memories this home has from someone who lived here almost their entire life. It's small, at 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, but it's size is made up in charm with original wood floors and quirky kitchen wallpaper. The previous owner added a large open addition making it the perfect space to play games and host family. The backyard is fenced in, and begging for a play set and kiddie pool to stay cool in the warm summer heat. We also have a spacious bike path out front for evening strolls with our dog.

We Love Our Neighborhood

One of the features that sold us on our neighborhood is that it is considered an "up and coming" neighborhood where young families are buying homes and setting down roots in the area. This will allow for our child to have many kids who are close in age nearby. We are within walking distance of a weekly farmer's market, a bakery and ice cream parlor, vegetarian restaurants, locally owned stores, a garden that hosts monthly family movies under the stars, and a brand new elementary school. We are also only a short drive from all the area attractions like the Science Museum, Disney World, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, Kennedy Space Center, and some of the country's best beaches.

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