Our Extended Families
Extended Family at Mason's Baby Shower

Family is so important to the both of us that it is imperative that we stay in contact with each other. Brian's family lives in New York; Nicole's father, Aunt and Uncle live in Arizona, and her brother lives in New Jersey. Since family is important to us both, we make it a routine that we call our family every week to catch-up and send holiday photos and cards every year. Brian has two younger sisters, which he has taught them the fundamentals of life and gives them the support that they need whenever they are in need of advice. Nicole is the youngest child and has one brother, who's a chef.

Mason With His Favorite Aunts

Brian is the chef in our family. He learned how to cook from his mother who is an avid chef, as well as from Nicole's brother and grandmother, who both love to cook.

On weekends, you can find us by the pool, or doing various activities such as going to the zoo, or hiking, children's museum, as we enjoy being outdoors or playing various sports; such as basketball, tennis, soccer or golf. What makes our family unique is the fact that we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, which we plan on sharing with your child.

In conclusion, our family in extremely happy and on board with our decision to adopt your child, because they are extremely excited for us to become parents again, and for our parents to be grandparents again.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We have a spacious two story 3,187 square foot, five-bedroom home in Arizona. We also have a very spacious living room and kitchen with an office/den as a possible sixth bedroom. Our favorite room is the loft for many reasons. The loft is our favorite room because our dog loves to run around and play with her toys and our son loves to play with his train set in there as well. Whenever we have a chance, we love to sit outside and enjoy the view of the mountains that we can see from our backyard.

We live in a very close-knit community in Arizona, that is excellent for children to grow up in, as there are many families with young children for the child to grow up with and enjoy playing different activities such as going to the parks, lounging around and playing board games or doing puzzles with the family. There are many different family activities that are held annually, such as the pumpkin patch for Halloween and Easter egg hunt for Easter. Our community has two parks and three swimming pools, which the main community pool also has a water park for the children to play and enjoy during the summer days. Also at the main community pool, there is a third playground with both basketball and tennis courts and a train ride for little kids to enjoy around the complex. The two parks have both volleyball and basketball courts as well as a playground with swing sets for the child to play at.

We love our community and believe it will be a wonderful place for a child.

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