Our House and Neighborhood
Welcome to Our Home

We reside in a suburban Pennsylvania town where we have the privilege of having all 4 seasons! We live in an adorable ranch house, surrounded by neighbors of all ages. Our goal has always been to make our house a home; a place where people feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed. We have 3 bedrooms, an awesome porch, and a large game room which is our favorite spot in the house to relax. We love entertaining our families and our friends as much as possible.

We have lived in the same town since we were both toddlers. We live in a close knit community with our families nearby! Our town has holiday parades and a yearly carnival. We live 30 minutes from the city where we love to attend different arts festivals, summer concerts on the streets, ride our tandem bicycle downtown, go to amusement parks, the zoo, museums, and attend baseball and football games. Kristen also plans all of the children's events at our church, so our child would definitely be a big part of the church community with hundreds of other kids!

Our town is small but still has some great kid-friendly areas! There are 3 parks within walking distance of our house and several larger outdoor parks close by where we love to walk our puppy.

Our Extended Families
Christmas With Kristen's Family

When we got married, we chose to live as close to family as possible. Both of our families are huge and full of more love than we could ever imagine. We live within 10 minutes of both sets of parents. We have 9 nieces and nephews who are extremely excited to add another cousin to their group!

Kristen's family is 100% Italian and they love her moms homemade Italian meals! We have family gatherings a couple times per month where all the adults and kids get together and catch up on their weeks. Every summer, all 22 members of the family rent a beach house in Myrtle Beach. It is one of our favorite times of the year!

Jake's Family

Jake's family loves to play outside and they are always having family gatherings! Jake's family has a few dozen acres where his parents and grandparents have built houses. We love playing volleyball, corn hole, and having bonfires on the property. One of our favorite pastimes is playing cards with Pap and Grandma on Saturday nights!

When we told our families that we were adopting, they were extremely excited and supportive. They are thrilled for us to finally achieve our dream of becoming parents. There is an unbreakable bond in both of our families and we have always dreamed of adding children to the mix. Any child would be truly blessed to be a part of this loud and crazy crew!

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