Our Extended Families
John With His Cousins at the Annual Christmas Party

We live within driving distance of our families and spend extensive time with them at least once per month. For example, it's common for our family to spend long weekends at our home or vice versa. Kate's family lives in a beach town where we get to spend time with her family and enjoy long summer days on the beach, cooking out, playing with our nephews, going to the pool, watching movies, playing with the dogs and trying new restaurants. Some of our fondest memories come from celebrating our annual 4th of July pool party with John's family while playing baseball and football with all of our cousins in the yard or swimming in the pool; as well as our Christmas Eve party when we have our special guest, Santa Claus come visit every year for the children. Our family is incredibly excited and supportive of our adoption plans and to have the opportunity to become grandparents all over again with this child. The entire extended family can't wait to include your child into our traditions and create new memories that will be more meaningful than ever.

Kate & Her Parents at Dinner

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a suburban neighborhood in Maryland just fifteen minutes north of a major metro area. We've lived in our home for almost three years, but we've lived in the neighborhood for five years. After moving away for graduate school, we immediately knew we wanted to buy our first home in our original neighborhood we fell in love with. Our neighborhood offers everything for families. It's a historic townhouse community with three parks, an elementary school, a middle school and a high school ALL within walking distance! It's absolutely heartwarming to see parents walk their children to and from school everyday. Weekends are filled with kids playing soccer and baseball at the local parks or young children playing on the jungle gyms at the "tot lot.” Our neighborhood hosts block parties, movie nights, Easter egg hunts, Santa Claus visits and summer picnics for families to have fun and create endless memories. Whether it's the tree-lined streets or the strong neighborhood schools and community, our neighborhood was ranked one the best kept secrets in a major publication. Our home is perfect for raising a family with our finished basement and finished attic for play areas, or our three bedrooms on the same floor for family coziness. We have a great backyard for entertaining or hanging out with the family roasting s’mores over the fire pit. There's no question that we have one of the best environments for any family to create lasting memories.

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