Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a beautiful family oriented community in South Florida. Our house sits in a quiet cul-de-sac with no through traffic, which allows the streets to be filled with neighborhood children playing football, skating or riding bikes. The community is filled with people that have young children who have chosen to reside in a neighborhood that focuses on family life style, education and enjoying the outdoors in a safe, clean and beautiful environment.

Our home is built around the cornerstone of our family beliefs. Our home is full of love, life and laughter, and has a warm cozy feel that makes you feel instantly welcome. We have a four bedroom home, with a large front yard and a back yard with a pool and a large deck that accommodates many of our family gatherings. We have a large family room that is adjacent to our kitchen which allows the family to all be together, regardless if someone is busy in the kitchen or if someone is watching television.

We are surrounded by numerous parks that allow for all ages to do many different sorts of activities. We also have four beautiful dogs that enrich our lives with unconditional love that enjoy taking walks in our ever green neighborhood and parks nearby. Your child would be surrounded by a neighborhood that is built around the needs of children and families, along with the bonus of being so close to Grandma!

Our Extended Families
Family Vacation

We are a very close knit family and enjoy spending quality time with one another. We have two sets of grandparents that live within 15 minutes of our home, making babysitting, sporting events, special occasions, game night and family get "togethers" a weekly experience! We know the addition of this child will continue to bring out the love, devotion and compassion we all share. Our weekends include numerous games of LCR at night and attending sports events for our oldest son with ALL family members. We enjoy the fact that our family is one unit, even though they have been brought together through our marriage. Our family is of the belief that you are brought together by choice, not blood. The whole family embraces the true South Florida lifestyle which includes frequent trips on our boats to fish, swim & BBQ. Our children have been raised to appreciate the things that mean the most in life, which to us is your family and spending time together. We believe that our family values and our close family bond will be an amazing fit for your child.

Sunday Dinner Night

We know when your child joins our family, the laughter, the love and the playtime will be unending. We look forward to adding the pure enjoyment of our newest addition and bless them with every ounce of love, traditions and devotion we have.

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