Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home Sweet Home

Back in August of 2016 we bought our first house. It is in a multicultural neighborhood filled with kids and pets. Our house sits right at the cusp of the city. Look one way and you see country and corn fields, look the other direction to see the busy little city we live in. We have a three bedroom, two bathroom home with a huge fenced in backyard that our dogs love. We are turning our upstairs into an entertainment room for ourselves and hopefully a child one day. We spend most of our time either cooking in the kitchen or working on our truck in the garage.

We love the city we live in. It is filled with parks, swimming pools, and so many activities for kids. There are Art Walks every first Thursday in the summer. There is a community center that has music classes, dance classes, acting classes, and more. We have film nights at the Commons that play kids movies during the summer. There is also a huge hill for sledding in the winter. We even have a Children's Museum.

Our Extended Families
Jon's Family

We are both very close to our families. They are a tremendous support to us as we go through this adoption journey and they cannot wait to meet the newest member of the family!

Jenny & Nana

One of the greatest times of the year is when we get together with Jonathan's family on Christmas morning. We show up to his mom's bright and early to help make doughnuts, bacon, and coffee. The night prior, "Santa" shows up and puts out all the gifts for everyone making the first look into the living room a magical experience for all. We sit down together to eat our doughnuts and discuss the day's events before we tear into the presents. It is by far our favorite tradition each year besides Ducktail Run.

Jenny's family lives very close to us. We love to get together for dinners regularly. During the summer, her dad takes us out on his boat for tubing, swimming, and fishing. We love spending time with our nephew, taking him for short rides in our truck and can't wait to teach him all about cars and motorcycles. We cannot wait for our nephew to have a cousin to grow and play with.

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