Our Extended Families
Maggie's Family

The majority of Maggie’s family lives in Puerto Rico. However, we see them frequently, as they often visit or travel ?with us. Her brother and cousin (whom she considers a little sister) live in other states; however, they, too, see each other frequently. When united, we go to museums, parks, theater shows/ballets, and restaurants with live entertainment. We also exercise together and spend time at the pool, when possible. The main event, however, remains conversation.

With Ben's Dad and Stepmom

Ben’s entire family lives only an hour away. His family loves to spend time cooking, chatting, and hosting fun, children-oriented events. Just this year, we've had an Easter egg hunt, a crawfish boil, a chili cookoff, a piñata party, and a backyard volleyball “tournament.” Christmas is also a very big time of year for the family. His family is especially close; they are nurturing, loving, and very supportive. Most are each other’s best friends!

We are blessed to have a fully supportive family in our decision to adopt! As mentioned, we both have close families, who value family and children second only to God. Our families are thrilled to welcome this child to the family, and cannot wait to begin to love and nurture him/her!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in the suburbs of a large city in Texas. The house has a nice backyard with a big maple tree. Our house has an open floor plan design, with the kitchen, dining room, breakfast room, and living room all open to each other. This layout allows easy interaction regardless of where we are in the house, making it a very family-oriented home. The living room has a fireplace that we love to use in the winter. We each have a home office, which allows us to work from home when necessary.

We are blessed to live in an amazing, diverse community. The neighborhood has two fantastic pools (one of which is designed for children), nine lakes, and jogging/biking trails throughout. The neighborhood also has two children’s parks, a volleyball court, two tennis courts, and numerous open-lawn areas with views of the lakes. There is also a beautiful club house that can be rented for private events, such as children’s birthday parties.

Our neighborhood is very family-oriented, hosting children's events multiple times per year! For example, they do an annual Easter egg hunt and have outdoor concerts in the summer with live music and entertainment. There are many couples in our neighborhood with infants and toddlers. In addition, our best friends—who have infant twins and are planning for their third child—live very close. There is a bus stop inside the neighborhood for two prestigious private schools in the area, and several public schools are right around the corner.

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