Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a suburb of a large city in southern Wisconsin. After buying our home over five years ago, we have continued to learn more about our community, especially what it has to offer a family. Our town is very active with many parks, trails, and festivals that cater to families. Our house backs up to a park that hosts youth soccer games in the summer, and a playground that our daughter can't get enough of! In the summer, we love listening to live music in a nearby park or grabbing dinner from a food truck. Taking long walks to grab coffee at a local shop and stopping at a park is a typical Saturday morning for us. After experiencing population growth, our town has been investing in new schools and facilities, including a new elementary school a few blocks from our house. Our area is culturally diverse and our schools offer classes in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Living in a suburb, we get to enjoy a smaller, family-oriented community, while also being close to all the perks of a large city. We love spending time downtown for dinner, theater, shopping, or just enjoying the lakefront. The area is also home to a large university that attracts people from all over the world and cultural backgrounds. We are constantly discovering new things to do and see. After having our daughter, we are learning just how lucky we are that we chose this city for our home.

Our Extended Families
Stories With Grandpa

Our families are a mix of relatives close by and far away. Both of our parents live in northern Wisconsin and visit us often. We also love taking road trips up north to visit them and hang out at the lake in the summer or go snowboarding in the winter when we have a free weekend. When visiting Brea’s parents, the whole family enjoys being out on the water enjoying swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. John’s parents and grandparents all live in his hometown, so we have lots of people to see and places to stay when visiting. John’s sister, Aunt, and cousin living only an hour away in a neighboring city. They often come to visit for the weekend or just a day, and we love spending time together watching his younger cousin play hockey for his high school team. Brea’s older brother and sister both live out of state in Colorado and Washington. We love to travel, so having family in fun destinations gives us a great excuse to visit and we make sure to spend quality time together a few times a year. Since our family comes from all different locations, our holiday gathers are a little different every year, but they are always centered around enjoying a big meal (that everyone helps make) and playing games; whether it being a fun secret Santa game, Easter egg hunts, or board games. Our entire family is excited to expand our family through adoption and we look forward to creating new traditions with our growing family.


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