Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We could not have asked for a better neighborhood and neighbors. We live in a cul-de-sac, and all the houses at the end of the street have babies, toddlers or preschoolers. It is wonderful to see them come out to play together every afternoon. All the kids wait eagerly for us to take our dogs out to play! They take turns holding the leash and we love teaching them tricks to play with the puppy. It’s such a welcoming neighborhood that when Alvaro’s niece and nephews visited they were immediately welcomed and invited to play and borrow toys. Recently one of our neighbors had a baby and we all signed up for a meal train to help them out when they brought the baby home. Our neighborhood also has a park a block away, with a kid’s playground, tennis and basketball courts.

Neighborhood Park

We live in a three bed, two bath, ranch style home in a suburb from a big city in Ohio. We picked our neighborhood because it has one of the best public school districts in the nation. There are many exciting attractions to do with kids, all on a 15 or 20 minute drive, such as a top-tier U.S. Zoo, the science and research museum, as well as several national parks with bike trails and lakes to enjoy in the summer. There will be so many fun activities to do with a child.

Our Extended Families
Christmas with Family

We both grew up with strong family values where we support each other regardless of the circumstances. Camila is the youngest of three and Alvaro is the youngest of four. Between the two of us we have seven nieces and nephews. Both our families live in Peru, except for Alvaro’s sister who lives in Miami. Even though we don’t see them every day, we talk and chat daily. Visiting family or having them visit us makes it even more special, and we treasure the time we get to share together.

Playtime with Our Niece and Nephew

We visit Peru at least once a year and we are planning on continuing that tradition, so we can build strong family ties among cousins. Every time we go to Peru we spend our time at the beach with all our family, swimming in the ocean all day and gathering at night to cook a big meal together. Alvaro’s family come to visit us for Thanksgiving every year, and we enjoy taking our niece and nephews to see the Christmas lights at the Zoo and visit the Children’s museum.

Our families could not be more excited about welcoming another child, and they have been incredibly supportive throughout this process. Our parents are retired, and they are already planning to come and stay with us for long seasons to help us raise your child. We are grateful and assured that we will have all the support we might need.

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