Our Extended Families
Celebrating Our Niece's Baptism with Matt's Family

One of the greatest joys in our life is our family. We both come from close-knit families and were blessed to grow up in loving, happy homes. Our parents have supported and encouraged us through every chapter of life and without them we wouldn’t be who we are today. Our parents have become the most amazing grandparents and have loved, adored and spoiled our son since the moment we brought him home. We strive to be the kind of parents to our children that our parents were to us.

Matt and his older brother, Andy, have been there for each other through thick and thin. They can make each other laugh for hours telling ridiculous jokes and they both love all things Royals baseball and KU basketball. Andy and his wonderful wife have three amazing children who are the best cousins to Max!

Cooking Class with Marisa's Family

Marisa’s younger sister, Jenna, is truly the best aunt in the world and she’s Marisa’s best friend. Jenna is loving, thoughtful and hilarious and has a special bond with Max. She and her husband are expecting their first child and we cannot wait for Max and our future child to have another cousin to grow up with!

Both of our families live close to us and we get to see them all very often. We’re so excited for the many family memories we will continue to make and we’re grateful for the love and support our children will be surrounded with as they grow up.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a very family-oriented community in a large suburb of Kansas City with a ton of things to do for families and children of all ages. We are surrounded by top-ranked school districts, beautiful libraries, unique museums, excellent shopping and delicious restaurants. As Max has gotten older we’ve discovered more outdoor parks than we can count full of kids and families enjoying time together. Our community is extremely safe and the people here are kind and friendly. Our neighborhood is full of young families with lots of children always playing together outside. Working in healthcare, Marisa also loves the fact that one of the highest rated children’s hospitals in the country is right around the corner from our house.

We really love going into downtown Kansas City to try new restaurants, attend various festivals and art fairs and take in the city life--just a thirty minute drive from home! When we were first married we lived downtown in a tiny loft apartment and the city is still one of our favorite places to visit and holds many special memories for us.

The home we live in has three bedrooms, a large back yard and a beautiful finished basement that has been the perfect playroom for Max. Since Max came into our family our house has truly become a home and we have made so many amazing memories as a family of three and look forward to making many more with another son or daughter.

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