Our Extended Families
Taking a Walk with Laura's Dad

Both of our families are thrilled that we have begun our journey to add a child to our family! Our mothers were especially delighted to hear that there would be another grandbaby for them to love and spoil.

Although our families are spread out, we enjoy traveling for visits, hosting our families at our home, and meeting up with our families to vacation at various destinations. We see family members a few weekends each month. Laura's family enjoys vacationing at Disney World every couple of years, and whenever we see them, we always head out for some pizza! We enjoy going to sporting events together, local attractions like zoos and museums, or just heading out for a walk with our dogs. Recently, we all met up in Washington, D.C. to do some sight-seeing and take our son and nephew to the National Zoo.

Clay's Family

Clay's family is only a couple of hours away. We enjoy playing board games together, going out to eat, especially for Korean BBQ or Mexican food, or cooking extravagant meals as a family. Clay's cousin has an upcoming wedding, so we have been busy planning parties, going to dress fittings, and ensuring that she feels special for her big day. It does not really matter what we are doing, we love spending time together with our families. We are all overjoyed to be adding a little one to our bunch!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a wonderful community in South Carolina. There is a local park just five minutes away where we go frequently to walk, feed the ducks, play at the playground, and even play tennis! We go to the local library weekly for story time and visit the children's museum for some learning and playing. Our downtown area has weekly family events during the summer, a splash park, local shops and restaurants, a farmer's market, and seasonal events for the rest of the year.

Fun Local Playground

Our neighborhood consists of many young families and retirees who love to see the young children, and is a great place to go for walks. We walk after dinner every night, making it easy to get to know many of our neighbors. Our house is a newer home, with a screened in patio that serves as an outdoor toy/play area. This is one of the spaces that we spend the most time, as we love to play outside. We have a large fenced in yard that we enjoy playing in when it is not too hot, and a fenced in swimming pool for the times it is too hot! Our community is a great place to raise children, with a large group of stay-at-home moms, many family friendly events, and many younger children for our children to grow up with.

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