Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a three-bedroom house with a master bedroom, an office and a nursery that we plan to decorate with a safari/animal theme. Our home is full of books, dog and cat toys, photos of family and friends, and is the perfect place for hosting family and friends. We have a fenced-in backyard with a sizable garden where we grow kale, cucumbers, lettuce and other veggies; flower beds and tomato beds; and often spend summer days grilling and picnicking in the backyard.

We love living in a diverse neighborhood. Our house is located in a peaceful neighborhood between two beautiful lakes--Lake Wingra and Lake Monona, where we often take our kayaks out for a paddle. During the winter we can take our cross-country skies out on the lakes and explore the trails around us by snowshoe. We're fortunate to live within walking distance of Henry Vilas Zoo, a free zoo Lindsay often visits to see the frogs and other animals she loves. We're also just blocks away from the UW-Arboretum, where Jamie spends her mornings running and dodging the wild turkeys that live throughout. We're a mile walk from Madison's farmers' market--one of the largest farmers' markets in the country--which goes around the State Capitol building. This is a frequent favorite destination during the summer, especially for chocolate croissants and fresh flowers. We're also within walking distance of the Madison Public Library, where Lindsay checks out a new stack of books every few weeks.

Our Extended Families
Frozen Yogurt With Lindsay's Parents

With just a 90-minute car ride from Jamie's parents who live outside of Chicago, time with Jamie's family varies from watching Jamie's dad zoom around the racetrack in his race car, to indulging in their favorite Chicago-style deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati's). We also spend lots of time with Jamie's sister Jessica and her husband Greg, who live in the Midwest. Celebrating Christmas with Jamie's families includes a Christmas Eve hike with Jamie's aunt, uncle and cousins after sharing a meal.

With Our Niece, Cassidy

Lindsay's immediate family includes her mom Pam, stepdad Al and younger sister, Courtney. Pam and Al live in Milwaukee, about an hour away. Lindsay is especially close to Courtney, who lives in Chicago, loves music, is a social justice advocate, and looks forward to being the "cool aunt." Living close to family has allowed us to see Lindsay's family frequently, often enjoying meals together at new restaurants, walking Madison's farmers' market or spending holidays watching movies, playing games and cooking. Lindsay also has a great relationship with her 5-year-old niece Cassidy in Denver (her half brother Jeremy's daughter), and her stepsister Meg in San Diego.

And finally, we count our diverse group of friends among our extended family. Lindsay is still close to a number of friends she grew up with and we both rely on the love and support of friends from around the world we've met at different stages. Our friends and family members are as excited as we are to welcome a little one.

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