Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a large family-oriented neighborhood in the suburbs of Georgia. Children live close-by for play dates and family gatherings.

Our two-story, four-bedroom home is our favorite place to be! The kitchen is the heart of our home and where all the magic happens. We love to be surrounded by good memories, so there are oodles of family pictures up throughout our home. We have a fenced in backyard. We added a beautiful outdoor living space and patio perfect for entertaining. We have a huge neighborhood green space in front of our house ideal for flying kites, blowing bubbles, jumping in leaves, drawing with chalk, and kicking the soccer ball. Our streets are lined with sidewalks. We have a lovely neighborhood clubhouse, state of the art outdoor pool with waterslide and baby pool, a playground with baby swings, and tennis courts.

Our neighborhood is festively decorated for all of the holidays. We have an annual Easter egg hunt, visit from Santa Claus, hundreds of trick or treaters, and a chili block party.

In the community, there are lots of wonderful attractions nearby and miles of trails perfect for strolling along. The girls attend a National Blue Ribbon public school with a 10 school rating. At the lakes nearby we go fishing, jog around, enjoy playground time, feed the ducks, and soak in God's glorious landscape. Our public library has an enriched summer reading program and children's events. Murry annually takes the girls to a father/daughter dinner and dance.

Our Extended Families
With Susan's Family

We're blessed to have both sets of grandparents, as well other extended family live a little over an hour from us. Our family is actively engaged in our daughter's lives. The girls love to ride the tractor and visit the animals on Susan’s Aunt and Uncle’s nearby working farm. Our family sits front row at dance recitals, school performances, swim meets, musical shows, and art exhibits. They are our biggest fans and are eager to cheer on a new child in our family.

With Murry's Family

Mimi and Op never arrive without a craft to do with the girls. Mimi sews many special clothes for the girls and hand crafts many holiday decorations for them. Mimsy and Lulu always come with a surprise in their bag for the girls. They love to take them to the movies, Waffle House, and go shopping. Mimsy enjoys baking sweet treats with them. Lulu is a talented builder and has designed a beautiful custom wooden infant bassinet and a backyard seesaw for the girls.

Every 4th of July is spent with Susan's extended family in the mountains. We all travel from across the country to be together the wear our red, white, and blue. We eat yummy BBQ, watch the fireworks, and catch candy in the 4th of July parade! The highlight of the week is a young cousin dance off party and performance for the entire family. It is a week filled with horseback riding, cousin sleepovers, hiking in the mountains, bike riding, games, swimming, face painting, and giggles!

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