Our House and Neighborhood
Our Happy Home!

We live in a small rural town outside of a larger city in Wisconsin. We truly feel that we have the best of both worlds with our quiet, safe, peaceful daily life in a small town and a half hour drive to a big city with unique restaurants and lots of events for families. We've lived in our three bedroom home for just over 3 years. We've worked hard to fix it up over the past few years and have a few more projects on our list to complete. We love the opportunity to turn our house into a home for our family. We enjoy spending time in our living room which overlooks a peaceful pond in our backyard.

We love the community in which we live. Alex plays home talent baseball in the summer for a local team and we spend a lot of time at the ball park. There are many children and families playing at the park every Sunday and we know that our future children will have lots of neighborhood friends to play with. We envision warm summer afternoons of Nicole and our children watching the baseball games and playing at the park, followed by ice cream for the whole family.

Our Extended Families
With Alex's Family

We are so lucky to have wonderfully supportive families. We both grew up with a lot of love in our family homes. Both of our parents live within one mile of one another. They are close friends and we love all getting together.

In Ireland With Nicole's Family

One of our favorite things to do with Alex's family is to spend time at the family lake house. Alex's parents, his brothers, and their families spend several weeks during the summer at the lake house. It is a very unique, historical place about an hour from our home. The home used to be an ice company and has ten bedrooms so there is plenty of room for cousins to play and run around together! During the day, we spend time boating on the lake or playing with the kids in the water. In the evenings, we roast marshmallows on the campfire or curl up inside to watch a family movie.

Nicole's family loves to travel as a family. In the past three years, we have traveled to Australia and Ireland together. There will be many more trips within the U.S. and internationally for us to enjoy with Nicole's family and our future children. When we aren't traveling with Nicole's family, we love to get together to play board games and enjoy family meals.

Our immediate and extended families are so excited to grow our family through adoption. Their hearts are already filled with love for your child.

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