Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our home is part of a suburban neighborhood in North Carolina. Being a three-hour drive from either the mountains or the beach, there is always an opportunity to explore.

The neighborhood we are part of is full of young, active families so you can usually hear children playing outside, walking their dogs or riding their bikes. We live on a court, just off the main road, so the only traffic on our street is our neighbors.

Our house has a large backyard complete with swings and a tree fort. We have one calm, friendly cat, named Dozer who is truly Wendy's sidekick. He follows her around whenever she is home. There is a bonus room above our garage that makes the perfect playroom. There are lots of shops, restaurants and parks in our area for any type of outing we may be in the mood for.

The town we live in has lots of activities for children. There are opportunities for youth sports league, theater, we are members of the YMCA and in the summer, our park shows Friday night movies at sunset.

We love where we live. When we moved from New York City to our house we were thrilled with the space, yard, trees and community to raise a family. We have plenty of room for in our hearts and home for a new addition to our family.

Our Extended Families
Wendy's Family

Our lives changed for the better when we became parents with Finn joining our family in September of 2016. We both come from large families and the people we love are a huge influence in our lives. Tim is number eight of nine children and Wendy has three younger sisters. As a result, we have lots of fun being Mom and Dad to Finn as well as Uncle Tim and Aunt Wendy to Finn's fourteen cousins.

Tim's Family

One great thing about a large family is there is always a birthday or holiday around the corner as a reason to get together and celebrate. Though our family is spread across eight different states, we frequently FaceTime and plan trips together to stay connected. Whether it's catching a game, playing pinochle or simply hanging out, we're always having a great time.

Throughout our lives, we have been blessed with the love and support of our family members. We plan to show that same unconditional love and support to Finn and any additional children we are lucky enough to welcome into our home.

Grandma, Grandpa and Nana are thrilled and eager to embrace a new grandchild and we can't wait to welcome the newest member of our clan!

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