Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home - Jamie's Dad Built It!

We live in a small, quiet town just outside of a large city in Kentucky. Our town has several family-friendly festivals throughout the year, including a Christmas festival during which families can enjoy a live nativity, and carriage rides while waiting for Santa to arrive in the parade. We live close to the center of town, so we are able to walk up to these festivals. There are several children in our neighborhood, and we have a great park with hiking trails, kayaking, a splash park, and a playground. We live very close to a large zoo, several museums, and sports arenas. We live 10 minutes from the private school where Meredith teaches, which is where this child will attend school for preschool through 8th grade.

Our house is special to us because it was built by Jamie's dad. We have a large fenced in back yard that will be great for a swing set one day. We will often eat dinner while sitting on the deck during the summer months and enjoy the sounds of our quiet town. Our favorite time of the year is decorating for Christmas and baking holiday cookies in the kitchen.

Our Extended Families
Jamie's Family

Family is very important to us, and we are blessed with a large, close-knit extended family. Our parents, siblings, and nieces are anticipating adding another child to our family with much excitement. We told our extended families about our plan to adopt while we were together for Christmas, and they cheered in excitement. Our parents are active in the lives of their grandchildren and enjoy watching their dance recitals, plays, sporting events, and graduations. Both of our mothers have now retired and look forward to taking turns watching this child during the day while we work. Our extended family members live close to us, so we are able to celebrate birthdays and holidays together, or even just spend time together hanging out. Jamie's parents have a pool, and we enjoy swimming and grilling up some burgers during the summer months. We enjoy taking family vacations with Jamie's family to the Smoky Mountains and with Meredith's family to the beach. Our four-legged child, Stella, is excited to be a big sister! She is full of energy and enjoys having children in the house. We look forward to making family memories and know our family has a lot of love to offer this child!

Meredith's Family

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