Our House and Neighborhood
Our Community Rec Center

We recently moved (and remained in state) from Fayetteville to Waynesville (just West of Asheville). We are in the process of selling our five-bedroom house in a suburb of Fayetteville. While we wait for this sale, we are currently renting a three-bedroom apartment. Once our home has sold, we want to remain in the area, and will search for our perfect house: 5-10 acres on the top of a mountain so that we are able to enjoy year-round views, spring flowers, summer greens, fall foliage, and snow-capped peaks. We love watching sunrises and sunsets and seek a home allowing for this peaceful time of day. With our families living in different states, we will have plenty of room for them to visit and enjoy an extended stay.

Our current neighborhood has a rec center, pool, and playground all within walking distance in the apartment community. In addition to the local restaurants and shops, Fall is peak festival season. There are arts and craft fairs each weekend from Labor Day through Christmas. We love viewing the local art, sampling the farm to table food, and enjoying the community harvest atmosphere which makes Western North Carolina truly unique.

With our cats (and possibly a dog in the future), we look forward to welcoming a child along with our friends and family to many backyard BBQ's, games, outdoor movie nights, bonfires, and of course, s'mores.

Our Extended Families
John's Family

Our family could not be more excited to welcome the new addition. Amy is an only child and her parents live in upstate New York and have a second home only 45 minutes away from us. They have increased the frequency of their North Carolina visits to 4-5 months per year. They are both former middle and high school math teachers. Now in their retirement, they teach chain-mail jewelry making at a Lapidary Arts school in Georgia. We are excited of their proximity and they have already volunteered for baby-sitting future grandchildren.

Amy's Family

John's parents live in Pennsylvania and travel to visit with us 3-4 times per year. His father is a retired vocational school guidance counselor and with his free time he is an avid LEGO builder and collector. John's mother is a medical technologist at the local hospital and is two years from retirement! She enjoys traveling, creating family photo album scrapbooks, and knitting. Near his parents lives his younger sister with her husband and their 2-year old daughter. We value our time with both of our families and especially love playing and laughing with our niece, Julia. She has told us (in not so many words) that she is longing for a cousin as a playmate.

Our four-legged felines: Jeffrey, Wesley, and Noel complete our family.

Both of us have grown up with unconditional love and support ensuring that our future child will have the benefit of our "village" to raise him/her.

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