Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a very popular family community just outside of a metropolitan city in Texas. Our diverse neighborhood is full of young working families and children of all ages. We live in a one story three bedroom home. Our home is located near a clubhouse that has a lot of amenities including a golf course.

As you enter the front door of our home, you walk in to an open entryway with a dining room to the right. The entry leads to a big family room and kitchen area. That is our favorite room because it is so open and comfortable. One hall leads to the guest bedroom, nursery, and bathroom. Another hall leads to the master bed and bath. At the back of the house we have a door that leads to the fenced in yard.

Our beautiful neighborhood has mature trees, several walking paths, and a playground for families to use. It also has a pool and splash pad for residents to cool off with during the summer. Our favorite time of the year is during the winter holidays. Our community hosts an annual hay ride for everyone in the month of December. Families can ride around with cocoa and look at the amazing lights and decorations.

Luckily, we are about 15 miles away from a diverse city. We are close to tons of children's museums, theaters, and a pretty amazing zoo. Being close to such a large city means we have a lot of activities at our fingertips.

Our Extended Families
Chadwick With Our Nephew

We have an amazing and supportive extended family close by. It has been fantastic to have their support so close to us. Literally, you turn right out of our neighborhood and after about a mile you run into Elizabeth's parent's house. Then, you turn left out of our neighborhood and about a mile later you run into Chadwick's mom's house. Both grandparents are so close. All of the grandparents are crazy excited to spoil this baby daily.

Elizabeth With Her Parents

Elizabeth grew up with a lot of extended family around. The majority of Elizabeth's family is in Ohio while one cousin is in California. Elizabeth has one brother in Ohio that is married and has one son. Elizabeth loves being able to see and spend some time with her nephew. Elizabeth and her nephew are both obsessed with Christmas and the decorations that go with it. In fact, last year we bought our nephew Jake a matching "frosty" Christmas tree that he could put in his bedroom. We also have a very loving and excepting Grandfather in Ohio, as well as, several aunts, uncles, and cousins that cannot wait to meet and hold the new addition to the family.

Chadwick was an only child but never felt alone. Chadwick was always involved in sports year round with his dad coaching his teams and his mom in the stands cheering at every game. After all of the years, Chadwick's mom can still be found in the stands cheering him on at every basketball game he coaches. Chadwick's basketball team started a tradition years ago to hug her before every game. The tradition continues and Chadwick's team can't wait to see her cheering them on to victory.

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