Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We fell in love with our small-town, four-bedroom home instantly. The initial draw was the central location to several parks, the city library and the elementary school. However our interest grew as we learned of the close-knit relationships among the neighbors, the majority of which are all raising a young family as well. From the time the school bus drops nearly 40 children off on our block in the late afternoon, we will see dozens of them outside riding bikes, doing sidewalk chalk and playing games in their front yards.

Across the street from our home is the new baseball and softball complex. We frequently walk over to watch the youth games and support many of our neighbors' children. Most recently they have began construction to add two soccer fields to the complex, which we are very excited for!

We both graduated from a small-town school and were appreciative of the involvement opportunities it can present. As Alaina and this child approach school age, we look forward to having them attend the local elementary school and some day enroll in the high school. The community prides itself on an excellent academic program, offering a full range of performing arts and extracurricular activities. Their marching band happens to be one of the best in the state!

Our Extended Families
Christmas Morning With Grandma & Grandpa

We jokingly refer to our home as our "vacation home" because we spend many weekends visiting family. Both of our families are similar in that our parents and two sets of grandparents still reside in the hometowns we grew up in. This means that every visit back home provides an opportunity to get together with several friends and extended family members. There have been several instances where multiple cousins arrive to grandma's house unannounced, only to have homemade hot cocoa, waffles and an entire breakfast spread ready within minutes!

Annual Family Camping Trip

We feel blessed to be raising Alaina alongside Kelsey's brothers and numerous cousins who are raising families themselves. Kelsey's parents lake house is an hour from our home. During the summer months, there is an open door policy for our extended family. Jet skiing, tube riding and s'mores around the fire become a normal routine. Needless to say, whether we are at home or visiting grandparents, our weekends are never dull.

Everyone is beyond excited and supportive of our adoptive plan and cannot wait to be a part of the child's life. They will be surrounded with love, fun and laughter!

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