Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We are very fortunate to live in a small, tight-knit town built around family and tradition. The borough celebrates every holiday such as our annual Fourth of July celebration including fireworks and picnics in the park. St. Patrick's day is another fun event that includes a big parade down our main street. And one of our all-time favorites is the day after Thanksgiving when the mayor holds an event for all residents to come and light up the borough Christmas Tree.

You'll find many beautifully landscaped parks with swing sets, benches, game fields and of course a ton playing children.

We live in a single-family home that sits on almost a half an acre of land. The yard is fenced in and beautifully landscaped with a huge patio and porch. The first floor is an open floor plan with a ton a room for entertaining and fun. The second floor has 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and the 3rd floor contains a bedroom. Our favorite rooms are the living room and outside porch. It's were we spend so much time together and where we entertain family and friends.

Our Extended Families
Always Time to Visit Family

We are lucky and grateful that both sides of our family live very close. All of Andy's side actually live in our neighborhood/borough.

His parents are the most incredible and generous people. We sometimes call Andy's mom Saint Debbie. They are both already proud grandparents to our amazing nieces Peyton and Sawyer. Andy's sister Amy and brother in-law Rhett, are the loving parents' of the girls.

With Our Nieces

Shannen's family lives only a few miles away. Her parents' are also incredible and so loving and supportive. Her Sister and brother in-law have two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Eveylyn. We melt when we're with those sweet little girls. Shannen's also has a brother who recently got engaged and is getting married this spring.

The support and love has been more than we could have ever imagined. Both sides of the family cried with joy when we announced we were adopting.

Family gatherings usually take place around the dining table or in the living room. You'll find us telling stories of past times or planning our next family vacation. Christmas Eve is a big celebration that happens on both sides of the family. It involves a ton of food, presents, music and games. We think we have something very special because both of our families are very bonded and supportive. And it's a huge bonus that both sides love being with one another. We couldn't ask for anything better than that!

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