Adoptive Family Rich and Myra
Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We know that placing your baby into an adoptive home is a very difficult decision. It takes a lot of sacrifice and selflessness on your part to make this decision and we admire you for seeking the best for your child. We can promise you that we will give a child entrusted to us a safe and happy home filled with unconditional love.

Here is a little bit about us. Rich grew up in a big city and is the youngest of four. While Myra is a country girl who grew up on a farm. She is the oldest of two. We met in collage through a mutual friend and just hit it off. We dated for about two years and have now been happily married for twenty-one years. We both enjoy outdoor activities, like kayaking, biking, and hanging out at the pool. We live in a fairly new neighborhood and there are a lot of kids of all ages. We have a yellow lab named Cinnamon. She is very gentle and loves kids. She even lets James bury her in the mulch. Rich works in the health care industry and Myra is a stay at home mom. She cherishes every minute of it. Although we come from different backgrounds we both share the same values and priorities. Our priorities are God and family. They are both very important to us and we value the time we spend together.

We have always wanted a family. After trying fertility treatments unsuccessfully for several years and talking to a few friends who have adopted, we decided adoption was the best option to grow our family. That decision was confirmed once we held James in our arms for the first time. He’s has filled our lives with such joy and love. We are anxious and excited to grow our family again. James just turned four. He is very outgoing and loves to help. He is looking forward to being a big brother and can’t wait to have a sibling to play with.

We are committed to raising a child in a loving safe environment. We will make sure they have the best education possible and will encourage them to dream big. We will encourage them to pursue their interest and hobbies and to be their own person. Your child will be surrounded by family and friends who will love and dote on them, Grandparents who are so excited they may burst with joy while spoiling them with love and attention.

We want the very best for your child and will always put your child’s needs first. We believe adoption is a precious gift and an important part of a child’s story of who they are. We will be open and honest with your child. We will tell them their birth story from the very beginning and express to them how much you love them and put their needs and best interest first. We would like to keep in contact with you through photos, letters, and emails. We want you to know how your child is growing and that you will always be an important part of your child’s life.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us and considering us as parents for your child. We hope this letter helps you get to know us better and how much we would love to welcome your child into our family.

Warmest Regards,

Rich and Myra

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