Adoptive Family Scott and Kristina

Our journey up to this point has been one of twists and turns, ups and downs, and, looking back, one great ride as it has led us to you. As we open our hearts to you we hope you’ll see not only our desire to welcome a new baby to our family, but also our compassion and understanding.

We have been happily married for 15 years – thank goodness we were fortunate enough to fall in love young! Through the years we have learned that life rarely goes as planned and we have mastered hanging on and enjoying the ride. Everything that life has thrown at us has only made us stronger as a couple. We cannot wait to begin the next big adventure of our lives - adoption!

We were blessed with our daughter, Alexa, 11 years ago and, though she was born with a rare genetic disorder that has presented many challenges, we have loved every minute of being her parents! Testing found that this disorder was hereditary and left us with only a 25% chance of having a typical, healthy baby. We always wanted to have more children and knew adoption would be our choice when the time was right. Alexa needed a lot of extra attention when she was younger and we wanted to wait to expand our family until we knew we could devote as much attention to our new child. Alexa is now a strong and independent little girl who looks forward to being mommy's helper!

Kristina is looking forward to staying home with the baby. She cherished her time with Alexa and knows how precious those first few months are. Both Scott and Kristina's parents are close and are already talking about trips to the zoo and the Butterfly Pavilion when Kristina returns to work part time. We have worked hard in order to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. Both of our schedules allow us to always make family a priority with family dinners, weekend excursions to the lake or the children's museum-or just a day of fun with aunts, uncle and cousins-who are ready to embrace a new baby!

We are excited to be able to stay connected with you. Taking extra pictures for you will be a great way to encourage open dialog about adoption with your child and to share important milestones with you. Friends of ours adopted a few years ago and shared their idea of creating a special Facebook page for their birth mother – giving her access to updates whenever she chooses. We are also open to any ideas you may have to help you stay connected. We cannot begin to express how grateful we'll be for your incredible gift and for trust in us.

We can’t promise to you that we will be perfect, but we can promise that your child will always feel loved. Your child will have adventures making s’mores by a campfire, hiking in the forest, learning to wakeboard behind our boat and meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World. Dreams will be encouraged and supported in any way possible. Whatever life may bring our children will be happy and have the opportunity to make great childhood memories.

We are excited to talk with you and share your dreams for your child in this journey.

Best Wishes,

Scott and Kristina

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