Adoptive Family Will and Nicole
We can’t imagine what you are thinking as you look through all the families wanting a child to love. Your child will be a gift we can never match. We have always wanted to be parents to several children and tried for 5 years to have our first child. Our process was a journey of lots of procedures, one miscarriage, and finally a beautiful little girl. She was a gift through IVF.

Will is a wonderful, husband, father, and business man. One of his traits is intelligence. Will takes great pride in giving everything his best. He graduated fifth in his class in high school. In college he graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors and his MBA has an emphasis in Logistics and Transportation. Will is also very funny; he has the ability to create a “little ditty” from thin air, to which we are all laughing and trying to create more! The trait that made Nicole want to spend her life with him was how deeply he cares and listens to you. We had just started working together when Nicole's grandmother had a heart attack and passed away a week later. He was very intentional and encouraging. About 6 months more passed and Nicole started having signs of infertility issues. Even though we were only dating he was with her all the way, helping her recover after the surgery and saying he didn’t want to worry about kids unless it was with her.

Nicole is an amazing woman. She has a calm, accepting demeanor that makes people comfortable talking to her and telling her their deepest fears and concerns while barely knowing her. She has a heart for serving others and a mind to help people solve problems. This shows in her volunteering as a Stephen Minister helping people through periods of grief, as vice president of the PTA and as chair of a crisis fund for her company. The crisis fund provides money to applicants who had an unexpected car repair or medical bill, large utility bill, or other financial emergency. As a mother, Nicole is kind, loving, and patient. She has been practicing since childhood when she would have her dolls be her children. The struggle with infertility lead to some difficult times but Nicole worked through this and now enjoys cuddle time, shopping, and attending events with Ainsley.

Ainsley is a precocious little girl. She communicates with adults on a different level than most 8 year olds. She has her father’s intelligence and ability to create. She loves music and plays piano. She creates games for all of us to play together. She has a drive that if someone else is able to do something, she has to be able to practice and become better than they are. We love watching her eyes light up when she has reached her goal. When she was learning to climb, she would slowly bring her legs up on the rock/chair she was climbing on, then slowly move her body into an upright position until she was balanced on top, then bring her little arms and hands up in a “Tada” stance. We just love watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. She is very active, with gymnastics, swim lessons, softball, basketball, and loves that in most daddy is her coach because he makes the game about learning while having fun. Our daughter would love to be a big sister.

The three of us are looking forward to the day we add to our family; to have another little person we have the pleasure of guiding through life. Join us on our journey of growing into a loving caring individual. We will keep you informed through letters and pictures.

Thank you so much for this opportunity,

Love and prayers for you, today!

Will and Nicole

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