Adoptive Family Reza and Bridget
Hello. We are Reza and Bridget and we want to thank you for taking the time to read our story. While we don’t know everything you are dealing with while you consider adoption, we do understand this is a special time in your life and we want to be there to support you should you want that.

We promise to love, cherish and protect your child. We feel strongly about having one of us stay at home to raise children. Bridget stays home with our son, Ryan, and plans to do so with your child. Some part-time work is done for our family business but it is when our son is sleeping, at pre-school or visiting his grandmother who lives down the road. Our son’s needs come first as will your child’s. We first think about what is best for our son and then we make decisions. We believe it is essential to make children feel loved and protected and we are committed to making this happen.

We like to play with our son by saying, "Ryan, how many kisses a day do you get - is it 100, 200, 300 or a 1000?" We haven’t counted yet but we know it is a lot! We are also devoted to keeping our home happy with lots of laughter because it helps everything. We are fun and energetic and we love to crank up the Despicable Me 2 song, "Happy," by Pharrell Williams and dance around the house.

We have everything in place to welcome your child into our home. Your child will be exposed to music, books, sports, puppet shows, plays, libraries and outdoor activities. We go to the family mass every Sunday at the church down the road and treat ourselves to chocolate donuts after. We have grandparents and cousins that live nearby, great schools, a spacious house and backyard, a wonderful neighborhood with many young children, a country club to attend and playgrounds and nature trails that are located within footsteps of our front door. We live just outside of Washington DC too and all it has to offer.

We have been married since 2012. We are both endurance athletes and this bonds us in many ways. We both have the mind-set that we are in this (our marriage) for the long haul. Just like we choose to work out every day, we also choose to love each other every day. Many times races or workouts feel great and they make you very happy. However, sometimes a particular race or workout may feel very hard. It is those workouts/races in which you push through that make you better as an athlete. We believe this is similar to marriage, it is those difficult situations that you work through together that make you stronger as a couple.

Should you choose adoption and us to raise your child, we will honor and respect you as the child’s birth parents. To start, we will send letters, emails and pictures and we would be happy to talk on the phone as well. We will see where this leads us. You can trust us to be open and honest with your child about his/her adoption and we will always answer questions and teach your child about you and where he/she was born.

While we don’t know your circumstances we do understand it takes tremendous love and courage to consider adoption. We will make sure your child knows this. We thank you for learning about us and we wish you the best.

Very respectfully,

Reza and Bridget

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