Adoptive Family Chris and Vera

It's time to leave the rhyming and fun, and get a little serious.

Our letter to you is important, so no more of this rhyming business!

Dear Birth Parent,

What an amazing person you must be! To consider choosing adoption for your child is one of the most selfless and generous things that a person could possibly do. Not only are you looking out for this child, but you are also giving some incredibly lucky family a chance to have a child that they could not have in another way. We're really hoping that family will be ours ... but no matter who you choose, they will be so very lucky.

We don't know what your situation is, and we can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you. Please remember that what you're considering is the greatest gift that anyone could give to someone like us. We would never forget you, we would always and forever cherish this child, and we will never take parenthood for granted. Our family will always be there for this child, loving them, caring for them, and laughing with them.

If you do choose us for this important, wonderful role, we want you to know that we'll make sure this child knows about you, how generous you are, and how strong you are for making this decision. We'll share with them whatever information about you that you want for them to know. We'll be happy to send you pictures and letters with updates on a regular basis. If you would like to have some visits, we are very open to that, as well as keeping you involved in whatever way you feel most comfortable. We will, of course, respect whatever you feel is best for you.

While we are picturing what it could be like to cherish this child in our family... we hope that you can picture this child with us as well. Picture a home where the child is loved and cared for in every moment of every day. Picture a pair of supportive and consistent parents, who will teach this child about life and who will love this child no matter what happens  Picture a big brother, always ready to play and to protect.  Picture a home filled with warmth and laughter. Picture this child as a baby in loving arms, as a toddler playing with books and toys (and hearing lots of Dr. Seuss rhymes), as a child exploring a big backyard and all the joys of nature, as a teen going to sports events and proms with us taking pictures, and even as an adult always having our love and support. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us and for putting up with our rhymes, and thank you so much for considering us to parent this child. If you choose us, we will be the very best parents we can be, and we will do everything we can to give this child a wonderful home and a wonderful life.

We hope that your journey and ours are about to meet. But, even if they do not, we wish you the very best in your journey.


Chris and Vera

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