Adoptive Family Josh and Lisa
We wanted to start by thanking you for viewing our profile. We genuinely feel this is the first step in a lifetime relationship. Taking two separate families and creating one new family based on love, trust, and understanding is a very exciting event. An event that will lead to a lifetime of love, support, opportunity, and safety for your little one.

Our love story started 17 years ago when we were in high school and we have never looked back. Over the years we have seen many milestones come and go; getting married, graduating from school, getting a doctorate degree, buying our first house, and watching our love for one another grow stronger every day. Our goal has always been to build the foundation for a strong family, but unfortunately we were not blessed with the ability to have children of our own. Rather than giving up hope, we realized this was God’s way of telling us we were meant to do something more. We were meant to create a new family, a bigger family, with you and your little one.

While we know that life can be uncertain at times, there are several things we wanted to express to you that we hope will put your mind at ease, and further create a bond moving forward. You can be certain that your child will be surrounded in an environment based on safety and love. You can rest easy knowing your child will be loved and cared for in the same manner as if they were our own biological child. You can take comfort in knowing that we will always discuss the adoption with your little one as the ultimate act of love from a mother to a child which brought us together as a family. You can take pride in knowing your little one will be given every opportunity to thrive, whether it be in school, sports, music, or the passions they choose to follow. Most of all we want you to be confident knowing that placing your child with us isn't the end of your relationship, but rather an opportunity to grow with your little one and with us. This means letters, emails, and pictures will always find their way from us to you. It also means there will be telephone calls and visits depending on what you prefer and feel comfortable with as years pass. Finally it means your child will always have a sense of identity knowing where they came from as they strive to fulfill their dreams.

We know there is a lot to think about and this is a big, if not the biggest decision you'll ever have to make, so we want to reach out to you, from our family to yours, and say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and thank you for considering us. We know if you decide to bless us with the opportunity to be parents to your little one it will be a decision that you can look back on and know it was based on love. We look forward to meeting you soon and starting a family together with you and your little one.

All the best and God bless,

Josh and Lisa

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