Adoptive Family Chris and Lexie
As a married couple, together for over seven years, we are prepared and excited to welcome a second child to our family. We see each child as a miracle and a blessing. We handle the “big stuff” in our lives really well and believe in strong, supportive teamwork. Our marriage is built on a foundation of love, laughter, friendship and respect; this is also the core of our family. Together we will try to guide our children to become happy, kind adults who follow their dreams and enjoy life. Some of our priorities as parents include bilingual education (Spanish and English), lots of fun, and family time. We are committed to providing your baby with a loving, happy, stable home and a life filled with fun and many opportunities.

We are a happy, active and adventurous family that enjoys spending time with one another. We have tons of support from family and friends and everyone is excited for what the future holds. Julian has lots of energy and is enthusiastic about the idea of becoming a big brother. Baby clothes and supplies are ready. Our home is safe and baby-proofed. Chris will have 30 days of paternity leave to allow us time to adjust to life as a family of four.

We promise to raise your child with love, compassion, truthfulness, and strong values. It is important to us that we always live in a multi-cultural community where we can meet friends of many diverse backgrounds. Through travel, we are excited to share experiences and learn about different cultures around the world as a family. We both value the importance of a solid education and look forward to giving your child the opportunity to follow his/her own dreams and passions.

We wish you the best with your decision and we want you to know that we believe it takes a very special person to consider adoption. We want our child to know his or her birth mother. You will always have a special place in our lives. Your child will wholeheartedly know how grateful we are to you for helping to grow our family. We would love the opportunity to have an open adoption with you, in which we can remain in contact through emails, phone calls, letters and visits, if you are OK with that as well.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about us, please feel free to ask! We would be happy to meet you and get to know each other through email, phone or video calls if you’d like, using Skype or Facetime. Of course, if you decide to have us adopt your baby, we will travel to be with you when the baby is born. We are looking forward to being there for you and the baby when that time comes and would love to stay in touch with you throughout your baby’s life, if you are OK with that as well. We hope to hear from you and wish you the very best.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Chris and Lexie

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