Adoptive Family Andy and Gillian

We are Andy and Gillian and we are very thankful that you are taking the time to read our letter and considering us as parents for your child! We can't begin to imagine what feelings and emotions you must be going through right now. It takes a lot of strength and courage to consider adoption for your baby. We admire and respect the decision that you are making and understand it can't have been an easy one.

We met over seven years ago at a friend's barbeque, our first unofficial date was at the zoo, and it went from there. Andy fell in love with Gillian on our first date, she was fun loving and he knew she was special. Gillian first really fell in love with Andy was when she met his family. The way he interacted with his family and played with his nieces and nephews showed her that he was the one! We have now been married for four years and are so excited to begin our adoption journey! We have chosen adoption as we could not have children naturally but we believe that fate has brought us here and that whatever child we have was meant to be ours. We have so much love to give and truly look forward to being parents and raising a child together.

We both have a little different personalities; Andy is the strong silent type, he is very loyal to family and friends, is hard working and very committed and is an achiever. Gillian on the other hand is easy going, caring and patient. She loves company and spending time with friends and tends to be more diplomatic. What makes us a good couple is our ability to do things together, but also our independence in doing things apart. Our families are very important to us and even though miles separate us we keep in close contact and visit as often as possible. We were both raised in large extended families and look forward to introducing a new child to this wholesome and loving experience. We are very grateful that both our families are supportive of our decision to adopt and we know that this child will be welcomed with open arms!

We both love to take our dogs for a walk in the park on a long summers evening and look forward to the day when we will be taking our child on these walks and enjoying all that nature has to bring us. Sometimes life can be very simple and we enjoy just watching a movie or hanging out together at home with our dogs. We both love to travel and find new adventures and new places to go, we like trying different ethnic foods and love spicy food and trying different restaurants. We spend time doing our individual hobbies, Gillian loves to run and runs half marathons a couple of times a year. Andy is passionate about golf in the summer and doesn't miss and Eagles game in the winter.

If we are fortunate enough to bring your child into our home, we will nurture, care and provide a loving safe environment for him or her. One of life's greatest gifts is children. We do promise to keep in contact and keep you updated on your child's progression through life and we are open to the possibility of emails, phone calls and possibly future visits depending on what you are comfortable with. We look forward to future conversations and the possibility of meeting with you, we are also interested in hearing about your life and family and what hopes and dreams you have for your baby. We promise to love this child with all our hearts and give him or her the best life that we possibly can!

Thank you again for considering us as potential parents for your child and we wish you all the best in your journey through life.

Andy and Gillian

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