Adoptive Family Josh and Betty
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! To become parents means everything to our family. It would mean our individual lifelong hopes and then dreams as a couple would finally come true. For many years, we've waited patiently while everyone around us got to experience the joy. One by one, the happy news others got to share, made our hearts grow fonder in yearning for this moment. Throughout this time, we've prepared ourselves to be ready for parenthood without even knowing it. Josh, as a veteran of the U.S. Marines, learned how to be a responsible adult at a young age. The testament was all he learned about life, respect, duty, and the human attribute to protect others while serving a few tours in the Middle East after 9/11. He experienced racial and cultural diversity and made life long friends. He learned how to be a protector which he carried over into being a husband. Betty has always surrounded herself with children. Simply put, it made her happy to create joy for a child. She is a loyal, caring soul who puts others before herself. God meant for us to meet, create a life together and share happiness with others.

We met nine years ago through mutual friends on a camping trip in Missouri. We hit it off immediately and talked into the night. We continued to communicate after the trip and spend time together. From the start, we clicked and each felt that we completed each other. A few months in, we started creating a life of our own and moved to Texas. Though the beginning of our relationship may have started off quickly moving in together after only a few months, we took our time when it came to getting married, roughly five and half years after we met.

Our path has been one building block and adventure after another. We've been lucky to travel throughout the United States gaining exposure to various ways of life and diversity. We've supported each other when each person went back to school, as well as been each other's cheerleaders during career changes. Josh currently works as an IT systems engineer and Betty as a healthcare consultant sharing healthy living strategies. We love our jobs as we've always enjoyed helping people.

Over the years of our relationship then marriage, we have grown individually and together as a unit. Communication is key for us and we rarely have disagreements. We are open to each other's ideas and provide support to one another which we will continue with your child. God is our shepherd. We are positive people who cherish quality time with the children in our lives. We are blessed to have high paying jobs, have a large newer home in a family centered community, family friendly vehicles, jobs that allow Josh to work from home part time and Betty full time, and are in a great place financially to provide for your child. We maintain healthy lifestyles and are parents to three dogs and two cats. As pet owners since 2010, we've been dedicated caretakers to the health and happiness of others. We have a wonderful support system in our Oklahoma, New Jersey and Texas families ready to love this child immensely.

Our vow to you is to provide your child joy, security, opportunities and help make wishes come true. If you pick us as the parents for your baby, we will forever be grateful and will convey the love, maturity, and selflessness you show in making this decision. We will openly and proudly talk about your sacrifice to give your child the best life possible. We promise to share with you through photos, letters or emails how your precious child is growing and thriving. Their well-being and happiness will be the center of our lives. Our extended families and friends cannot wait to meet your child and spoil it with hugs, kisses and love. This child is a blessing from God which we are extremely eager to embrace. Thank you!

With love and admiration,

Josh and Betty

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