Adoptive Family Luke and Kim
Hello! Thank you for checking out our profile and considering us as parents. Since one of Kim’s cousins placed her son for adoption, we have heard firsthand about the varying mixture of emotions and struggles birth mothers go through. While that is something we will never truly comprehend, it has given us the greatest appreciation and respect for you as you consider adoption. We cannot fully express our gratitude that you are considering giving us life’s greatest gift. While Kim’s cousin vividly recalls her emotions and anxieties from the time around the adoption, she was always comforted that she chose the right family to place her son with. Now that son is a young man who reconnected with her a few years ago and she is proud of the man he has become. We hope to be the family that lets you rest easy knowing your child is loved, protected, and in very capable hands.

We met each other fourteen years ago. Luke was working on his Doctorate in Optometry and Kim was just out of college. When we met, the chemistry was instant and it was like we both had found a part of our hearts we didn’t even know was missing. The next year was a whirlwind romance as Luke traveled across the USA and even to Australia for internships for the last year of his schooling. After lots of traveling, countless long-distance phone calls, and one small apartment fire Kim’s hair dryer caused in Australia, we landed back in each other’s arms and were married in 2005.

Luke bought his own practice near our home and Kim went to work for one of the biggest companies in the area working in international business. While Kim’s job responsibilities have changed and expanded as she’s climbed the corporate ladder, Luke closed his practice in 2009 because the recession had left most of his patients without insurance. He now works at a community clinic in our downtown area, examining eyes and treating disease for people who don’t have insurance or the means to go elsewhere. While Luke would be happy to work at his job the rest of his life, Kim dreams of opening a non-profit no-kill dog rescue shelter. Though that goal is a long way off, we are working towards it.

As you can imagine after hearing that, we are animal lovers. We have two dogs, both rescued from shelters. Maeby is our oldest and smartest. She still has the playful energy of a puppy. Ginger is younger. Ginger would love nothing more that to curl by your side and get pet for hours on end. They both love meeting new people (and Maeby is strangely fond of horses) and are both great with kids.

In our spare time, Luke plays drums and is generally a huge science fiction nerd. While Kim claims shopping is her hobby, she actually spends most of her time devising complicated crafts that required multiple same-day trips to the store (thanks, Pinterest!). Together, we love going to concerts and musicals, volunteering, and taking daytrips to nearby events. We have a large and awesome family who are very supportive along with numerous friends who we would do anything for (and vice-versa).

We have a great and happy life. Our house is a joyful one filled with laughter and music. We have been ready to be parents for a long time. The only thing that’s missing is the gift that you can provide. When we speak to our child about you, it will only be with the highest praise. We are committed to keeping you updated through photos and letters but are hopeful, depending on your wishes, that we could eventually have more open contact. We always want our child to be proud of their adoption story. We would explain that it just means that they have more people who love them. Thank you for your consideration and regardless of whether you choose us or not, we wish you the very best.

With deepest respect,

Luke and Kim

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