Adoptive Family Matt and Molly

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us as you embark on making your adoption plan! We respect the courage and strength you have to choose this path. We would like to tell you a bit about ourselves.

We met in college because Molly first had a crush on Matt’s roommate. But once she got to know Matt, she realized he was really the perfect one for her and we have been together ever since. We have been married for over 10 years but have been crazy in love with each other since we met almost 15 years ago. Every day, we laugh together and make sure that the other knows how much they are loved. We feel so blessed to have such a deep love for each other and we cannot wait to share that love with another child!

Matt works in marketing and Molly works in technology. We are very lucky to have flexible jobs that will allow us to put our family first. Outside of work, Matt loves music and going to concerts and he is excited to introduce different styles of music to a child. Molly loves running and spending time outdoors. She loves going hiking as a family! Together, our favorite thing to do is travel.

We were lucky enough to live in Europe for our jobs for a few years. We traveled a lot and explored new food and cultures during our time in Europe. It was an amazing experience, but it led us to realize how important it was to be near family and friends so we relocated to where Molly’s family and many of our friends still live and where we know children will have a wonderful experience growing up. We have put down our roots, but know that traveling will always be a part of our lives and something we want to share with children. We plan to make travel a family activity so our children can learn about the world first-hand.

Our home is on a cute tree lined street in a neighborhood that has a lot of children. In fact, we are only a few blocks from several schools and parks. We can already picture teaching our children to ride their bikes in our driveway and walking them to school every day. We are excited to bring another child into our home and experience all the laughter, cuddles, love, and joy that it brings!

Adoption has been the most important thing in our lives because it is what led us to our daughter. She is the best thing that has happened to us and we are so excited to build on our family again. We love that we can tell our daughter how many people in this world love her and want the best for her life and we promise to do the same for your child.

We know how important it is that you know your child is doing well and is happy. We also know it is important for a child to understand where they came from and know how many people love and support them. Because of that, we are very open to sending pictures and letters to you as well as exchanging emails occasionally and possibly visiting you down the road. We want what is best for the child and are open to a level of contact that everyone is comfortable with.

We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you. Thank you again for considering us!!

With love,

Matt and Molly

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