Adoptive Family Richard and K.C.

Hi there - we are K.C. and Richard and we have been married for 17 amazing years. Being together is one of our greatest enjoyments, and as corny as it sounds, our love for each other is greater today than when we first met 20 years ago. Having been able to enjoy a wonderful life and having had the opportunity to share an incredible journey together has been a real blessing, but the absence of a child has made our family and our lives incomplete. Thank you for giving us this chance to tell you a little about ourselves and of the life and family we plan to make with an adopted child.

We are an Air Force family and are grateful for the opportunities, experiences, and memories we’ve been able to make since Richard joined the Air Force several years ago. As an Air Force family we’ve met many wonderful people and have made great and long-lasting friends, all of whom are excited about us becoming parents. We are also fortunate to be financially secure enough that K.C. will not have to work so she can be a stay-at-home mom, a job she is definitely ready for.

Our home is ready for a child and their laughter. We have a bedroom picked out - it’s the room closest to ours - which we can’t wait to decorate. We also have a playroom that is ready to go and a spot in the backyard that is perfect for the swing set. Our friends are ready to come over with their children for playdates and our moms can’t wait to be grandmas. During the week, we plan on having family lunches at the park near Richard’s office, and taking family outings on the weekends with some of our great friends.

Starting a family and being parents has been our desire for some time, but unfortunately we cannot conceive naturally. This is why we decided to adopt. If adoption brings us together, know that you will always have a special place in our lives and in our hearts. Our ability to start a family and share our lives with a little one would not be possible without you and we are thankful for your decision to consider us. We promise to tell this adoption story to your child in a loving and positive way and if you want, we will make sure to include you and anything you want us to share in the story as well. We can even send pictures and letters to show you the happiness you’ve brought to the child and our lives.

Our home and our hearts are ready to show a child the unconditional love they deserve. We promise you that your child will be cared for and raised with all the opportunities available to grow and to be a successful adult.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of who we are and the home and life we have to give. We understand our limited words may not give you the complete story… so if you have any questions, we are here to answer them. Our greatest desire is that you feel comfortable with your decision, whatever it may be.

May God give you strength and embrace you always,

Richard and K.C.

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