Adoptive Family Fritz and Paula
Our names are Fritz and Paula. We would like to thank you for reading this letter and for considering adoption for your child. We understand that this is an extremely difficult decision and hope you receive love and support to guide you during this time. Hopefully, this letter will help you learn about us as a couple and what kind of life we would offer your child. If you choose us, please believe that we would unconditionally love and support your child and provide him/her with a safe, stable, and caring family.

We would first like to tell you a little about ourselves. We met the first week in college and quickly became best friends. After spending every free minute we had together, we were married. This past summer we celebrated our seventeenth wedding anniversary. We cannot believe it has been that long! We complement each other perfectly and truly approach our marriage with love and friendship. We are a team and enjoy sharing both exciting and ordinary times together.

We always knew we wanted to have a family. We love interacting with children both personally and professionally, and we chose majors and careers that involve helping children (principal/teacher/coach and school psychologist/coach). Since we are unable to have biological children, adoption has always been the natural choice for us. In 2008 and 2012, we were privileged to adopt our sons Henry and Walter. What an incredible and extraordinary experience! The boys are amazing, and they are anxious to grow our family and become big brothers. Our family and friends are also very excited and anticipating the day that they can love and spoil a new child.

We are fortunate that our stable financial situation allows Paula to stay at home and care for the family. Since Paula is not working, she focuses her time and energy on being a caring mother and supportive wife, managing the house, and preparing our lives for another child. She is ecstatic to be a stay-at-home mom and believes that this is her most important job. In addition, with Fritz’s schedule and ability to take time off during the summer, there are many opportunities for family time.

We cannot wait to pass on our favorite activities, traditions, and love of knowledge to your child. We are also excited to discover new family-oriented activities together and start unique family traditions that grow from his/her interests and talents. We are eager to share activities like making pancakes with Daddy on Saturdays, snuggling up with our favorite books, planting flowers and vegetables, hiking at the nature center, picking fruit fresh off the tree, and visiting our local children’s museums. Our traditions, such as swimming in the ocean every spring, dressing up at Halloween, hosting our family Easter egg hunt, and cutting down our Christmas tree will have added meaning and importance. We also value education and would provide the best opportunities and learning environment possible. We would encourage strong values and morals, and teach generosity and respect. We want to give him/her a childhood similar to our own filled with love, happiness, and stability.

Please trust that we will be open and honest about sharing your child’s adoption story. We will admire and honor you, and your child will always know that your decision was made out of love and strength. We would like to learn more about you and your desires for your child, and we will happily share letters, pictures, and emails as your child grows and matures.

Finally, thank you for considering adoption and for reading our letter and profile. We believe that children are special blessings and if you choose us, we will be forever grateful. You will have answered our prayers.

May God bless you always,

Fritz and Paula

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