Adoptive Family Scott and Karen
Today is very important to us because it is the day we meet you and it is our opportunity to introduce ourselves. Before we sat down to write, we took a walk through our neighborhood and nearby wooded trails. Along the way we talked with neighbors doing yard work, saw kids having fun playing outside, and were reminded that we chose this neighborhood because it is where we want to raise our family. When we bought our house, we knew that we would not be able to have children on our own and were starting our adoption journey. We felt comfortable that this neighborhood would welcome your child and embrace our family’s story.

As we walked, we talked about what we thought you might want to know about us and the life we can offer your child. We cannot imagine what is going through your heart right now, and the decisions you are making for you and your child. Seeking out the best possible life for your child is admirable, and a sign of strength. Whether you choose adoption or another path, we are hopeful that what we share will help you feel comfortable with your decision.

Our marriage is natural and comfortable, and we provide balance to each other. We have known each other for 3 years, but we are often told we seem like a couple that has been together forever. The values that have made us a loving couple - respect, honesty, communication and patience - will influence us as parents.

Scott is a program manager at a medical device company. He is passionate about what he does and truly enjoys his workplace. Karen’s expertise is in healthcare. She started as a social worker at a hospital and developed her career to its current place helping healthcare organizations improve the quality of patient care.

Scott’s sense of adventure leads us outside and to the mountains. He loves to hike, run, and snowboard. Karen’s curiosity about people and places sends us exploring. She loves to travel, learn about other cultures, go to the beach, and try new restaurants in nearby Boston. We have introduced each other to our passions, and these activities are all a part of our everyday lives. But, our golf games are still very different. Scott takes on 18 hole golf courses with his friends and parents, while Karen prefers mini golf windmills followed by ice cream.

A lot of our time is spent having fun with friends and family, but we also treasure our time together as a couple. There is always laughter whether we are making dinner, working around the house, or snuggling on the couch watching a movie. Becoming parents has been our biggest dream and our hearts are filled with love to give your child.

We will provide your child everything he/she needs, but we feel that experiences together are more important than “stuff.” Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will always be around. We dream of our home being filled with the noises of a child’s feet running around, silly giggles, pancake breakfasts, and bedtime stories. We will give your child the chance to discover his/her own interests whether they are sports, music, or science. We are excited to create new family traditions and memories celebrating how we became a family through adoption.

We will be the best parents we can possibly be. You will be as proud as we will of your child’s confidence, thirst for knowledge, and commitment to community. Your child will have a deep understanding of his/her adoption story knowing how much you love him/her and how special you are to us. We will raise your child to love you, respect you, and understand your courage. We would like you to know about your child’s life and are committed to sending you letters and pictures as he/she grows. Thank you for joining our journey, and for your consideration of us as your child’s parents.


Scott and Karen

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