Adoptive Family James and Christina

Thank you for considering adoption. This selfless act is both loving and courageous. We are lucky that you’ve found our profile and are honored you’re taking the time to learn a little about us. It’s our hope that this letter will give a bit of insight into our lives.

We met in college. Christina wanted to take over the world (political science), and Jim wanted to build gadgets (engineer). After a dating for a long time, six years, we married. That was eighteen years ago. It’s safe to say we’ve grown closer every year we’ve been together. The last seven have been the best.

Why the last seven years? Three reasons.

First, we decided to become more active. Instead of watching TV or going to movies we now go hiking, biking, swimming or we cook. We got the bug for endurance races. Both of us have completed triathlons, marathons, and other events. We don’t win but we do have fun and it’s something we do together and with friends.

Second, we moved away from Los Angeles. Yes, this sounds funny because L.A. is a great town. For us, the constant challenges of daily life due to the sheer number of people made us yearn for a quieter life. The problem was, we still like many aspects of the city. When Christina had a great job opportunity in the Midwest, we jumped.

Third, our faiths came together. We both grew up in different Christian faiths. After we moved, we both joined the local church. Sharing our faith journeys through the confirmation process made us examine what we value, who we are and where do we want to go.

That re-alignment helped us crystalize our values and desires. We knew that we wanted to start a family. So we tried, and tried and tried. Having a doctor tell us we were not going to be able to conceive was painful. There was and is no question in our hearts that we still wanted to start a family.

We have had a lot of experience with adoption. In fact, Christina's grandfather on her mom's side was adopted. Her cousin, Aimee, is also adopted. It has been inspiring to have an adopted cousin so beautifully brought into a family. Additionally, Christina's big sister, Ayn, from sorority has adopted her two beautiful girls. One of our very best friends, Claire, is adopted. Jim had a fellow student that was adopted into an ethnically diverse family. We loved it when he told Jim, kids don't care what their parents look like. They just know they are loved. That is 100% our life's philosophy, too.

Thank you for considering adoption. Please know, we want the best for your child. We are excited to offer him or her unconditional love and support. We both cherish the idea of helping them grow and learn. We would be thrilled to bring a child in to our family. As your child grows, we would share their progress with letters, updates, and pictures.


James and Christina

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