Adoptive Family Grant and Holly
From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for your consideration for adoption. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential parents for your child. We cannot imagine your thoughts during this time in your life. We do not know where you are from, what you have had to experience, or how you feel about the decisions you have made or have to make in the coming days. We do know that this decision takes bravery, unconditional love for your child, and selflessness. Adoption portrays a special love in that you have decided to bring your child into the world and giving us the opportunity to be parents. We know that we will love your child and can provide for them a solid foundation, a nurturing family, and the support they need to become whoever they want to be. We have prayed for this child for many years and we hope that you will consider us as the gracious receivers of your precious gift of life. Adoption has always been in our hearts as the way to grow our family. Now we finally have that opportunity. When we made the decision to adopt, we, our extended family, and friends were ecstatic!

We have been married over nine years and have known each other thirteen. We have grown individually and as a couple during that time. We have had the chance to travel inside and outside of the United States, participate in triathlons and cycling or running events, build our careers, and create a home by the sea. We have had fun together and have witnessed the incredible gift a child brings to a couple. We want to experience that joy. We have also gone through loss of loved ones, separation through deployments, and witnessing family hardships. Each difficult situation has only brought us closer in our relationship and with our family. Through loss and Grant’s previous deployments, we have grown in our faith and love for each other. We have learned that moments are precious and "don’t sweat the small stuff." As we have watched others struggle through hardships, we have learned the importance of being financially sound. We have both worked hard in our careers and we will continue to work to provide for our growing family and our future. Our relationship is built on love, faith, trust, and respect for each other. We will instill these qualities in your child so that he or she can become loving individuals, respecting themselves and others in the relationships they will form, and knowing, through their family, the importance of love, faith, and enjoying life.

We are so excited to begin a new chapter in our lives. We can hardly wait to bring home a beautiful baby to love and nurture. Know that we will be by their side in all stages of their life, supporting them when they need us to and letting them fly when that time arrives. There is no way for us to fully understand the feelings you have during this time. We can only assure you that your child will be loved as our own, with all the love that we know how to give. Your child will be supported by us and our family. Your child will grow up in a nurturing home and provided with everything they will need and more. We will send letters and pictures to you as our child grows because we want you to be confident that this was the best decision that you could ever make. As you go through the challenges and emotional turmoils of adoption, we want to be there for you. We believe support from both sides of the adoption is vital in creating a loving home for our child in the future. They will know their story - the special love of adoption.

With much admiration,

Grant and Holly

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