Adoptive Family James and Michelle

Hello! Our names are James and Michelle. We appreciate your willingness to read our letter and consider us to become the adoptive parents of your child. We can only imagine what you are feeling right now. It takes a tremendous amount of maturity, courage and selflessness to consider adoption, and the love you have for your child is immeasurable! We pray that you will have strength, clarity and peace as you go through this process.

It is our most sincere hope that you find us to be the perfect match for your child. You would make us the happiest people in the world if you chose us! We both dearly want to become parents, but it is not possible for us to do it on our own. We made the decision to enter into the adoption process after suffering a miscarriage and trying a number of fertility treatments. We know without a doubt that God’s plan for us is to become parents, so when the topic of adoption came up, it filled our hearts with overflowing hope and excitement. It is amazing to say, but we already love this special child so much!

At the present time, we are in a very good position to welcome a child into our home. We are established in our careers, own a home and are active in our church. Our marriage is our greatest strength. We care deeply for one another and love to spend time together. Our now three-year-old partnership is woven with respect for each other’s feelings, learning from each other, supporting each other’s interests and is full of fun and laughter.

We love to travel, visit with family and entertain guests in our home. We like to go to movies, go out for dinner (especially hibachi), and go to sporting events and festivals. We love the simple things too — like taking our two sweet dogs for walks in the neighborhood and playing in the backyard with them. At home, we love grilling our homegrown vegetables and watching the sun set from our front porch.

We have bright and shiny plans for our future with a child! In our Christian home, we will raise and nurture this child with an abundance of love, patience, gentleness and kindness. This child will grow surrounded by our families’ smiles and laughter. We look forward to providing opportunities and guiding this child to make discoveries of the world. Michelle looks forward to sharing her love of music, reading, crafts, dancing and cooking. James looks forward to sharing his building skills and his love of sports and adventure. We will expose this child to a variety of experiences and will support his or her interests. We promise to model and teach this child to be honest, respectful, caring and compassionate.

We will rejoice with overflowing joy when we finally become parents! It is our plan to share your child’s birth story from the beginning. We want to be open and always communicate how wonderful it was when your child came into this world. We will tell your child how you gave him or her life and how you carefully picked us to raise and love him or her. We hope you will be willing to keep in contact with us so we can share pictures and updates of how your child is growing and changing. It is important to us that you know that your child is loved and well cared for — their well-being and happiness will be the center of our lives.

Thank you for reading our letter and taking the time to learn about us. We hope you have a better idea of who we are and how committed and ready we are to become parents. We truly admire your courage and strength as you make this important decision.


James and Michelle

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